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The Benefits of Render Accelerator

Rendering projects can sometimes be hindered in the cold winter months. This is because render takes a while to dry and cannot dry in temperatures below +5oC. That said, one option to combat this is to use a render accelerator. In this blog we will discuss this product and its various benefits.

What is render accelerator?

Before discussing the various advantages of render accelerator, let’s take a look at what exactly this product is and what it does.

Render accelerator is a product that is intended for use with render solutions to speed up the render curing process.

At EWI Store, we are proud to offer our incredibly effective EWI-020 Render Accelerator. This colourless product comes in a 100ml bottle and is comprised of a careful selection of organic, ether chemicals and water. This premium ingredient list ensures that this product speeds up the render drying process to the quickest possible time. In fact, it can actually cut your drying time in half!

Below, we will discuss some of the ways accelerator for render can benefit your render application process and EWI installation.

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Benefits of render accelerator

When used in conjunction with EWI Pro’s range of thin-coat renders (e.g., EWI-077 Nano Drex Silicone Render, EWI-076 Premium Bio, EWI-075 Silicone Render, and EWI-040 Silicone Silicate), the EWI-020 Render Accelerator brings many benefits.

We will now outline the three key advantages of using render accelerator when rendering your property.

1) Firstly, a great quality accelerator significantly speeds up the curing process. This product can cut render drying time in half. This means that the drying process is much quicker, and your project can be completed in much less time. It essentially allows you to create a fast-curing render.

2) The quick drying time allows you to render in cold temperatures, making it perfect for winter. This gives you the flexibility to continue your project, even in temperatures that dip below +5oC (although please note that this product should not be used in temperatures colder than 0oC).

3) Finally, the EWI-020 is extremely easy to use. All it requires is that you mix the product (100ml to 25kg of render) directly into your render bucket and mix it with a paddle mixer. This ensures the application process is straightforward and quick.

How to use render accelerator

There are several steps you should consider when using render accelerator. You need to prepare the substrate, then prepare the product mixture, and then apply the mixture. We will walk you through each of these steps below:

1) Prepare the substrate

Your first port of call in this installation process should be to prepare the substrate. This is an essential step as you need to ensure the substrate surface is clean, dry, frost and dust-free, and free from blisters and any loose parts.

A clean and suitable substrate is essential for ensuring the mixture is applied correctly and the ideal finish is achieved

2) Prepare the product

Secondly, you should prepare the product by adding 100ml of render accelerator (1 bottle) to 25kg of EWI Pro thin-coat render. Use a paddle mix to mix the solution. Although you should be aware that adding more than the recommended amount of accelerator will not speed up the curing time.

3) Apply the mixture

The final step in the process involves applying the mixture. At this point, you should apply it normally using a steel trowel to the correct thickness. Then, use a plastic float in circular motions on the surface to create an even texture.

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How long does accelerated render take to cure?

As mentioned, EWI-020 works perfectly in combination with any of our thin-coat renders. You can read more about how to choose the perfect silicone-based render here.

When used in conjunction with any one of these products, the render accelerator can cut the curing (drying) process in half!

So, for example, the EWI-077 Nano Drex Silicone Render can take between 12 and 48 hours (depending on weather conditions) normally. However, with the help of EWI-020, you can cut this time in half!

Therefore, we hope this blog post has demonstrated the benefits of render accelerator and explained why you might want to consider opting for it for your next rendering project.


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