One of the questions that homeowners often have before going ahead with installation is whether or not they will need to extend their roofline to accommodate for the insulation boards. This is often a daunting, expensive-sounding prospect – but it doesn’t have to be.

At EWI Store, we have solutions for all sorts of external wall insulation issues. One of these is our comprehensive range of Verge Trim. 

What is Verge Trim?

Verge Trim is a thin sheet of plastic or metal, designed to tuck up under the fascia board so that it can cap the insulation. All of our Verge Trims are made of powder-coated aluminium and are available in different sizes to house different widths of insulation. 

Why is Verge Trim Necessary?

The point of the Verge Trim is to make sure that rain runs directly off the face of the insulation, rather than running behind the system and causing damage. Insulation boards are sometimes very thick and don’t quite fit underneath the soffit. When this happens, it leaves a real risk of water ingress, which needs to be prevented with Verge Trim.

What are the Different Types of Verge Trim?

Over Sill Verge Trim

The Over Sill, as the name suggests, is used to extend the length of an existing window sill to accommodate the insulation underneath. It’s essential that the window sill overhangs the insulation so that water will run straight off the face of the wall; any water ingress behind the system can lead to erosion of the adhesive and ineffective insulation.

Dropdown Verge Trim 

The Dropdown Verge Trim is designed to go under the soffit board. It is typically used for applications that require fixing from below. Again, this Verge Trim ensures that water falls away from the system while minimising the need for silicone sealants and expanding foam tape. 

Upstand Verge Trim

This type of Verge Trim is most suited to applications where it is fixed from above, for example, the connection to a flat roof or where the upstand can slide up behind the fascia board.

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