What tools do I need for rendering?

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At EWI Store, we understand that rendering your property is no small task. It requires time, effort, and skill to get that great finish. There are, however, some simple ways to assist you with this and help you streamline the application process. One way is through investing in a set of high-quality rendering tools.

In this blog, we will discuss the various tools you will require for a smooth rendering job – specifically when using thin-coat render. We will discuss the tools you might want to consider acquiring for different types of thin-coat render projects. Then, we will outline why Regal & Barnes tools are one of the best brands of rendering tools on the market!

Read on to find out what tools you need for rendering!

Rendering Methods

Before we discuss the various tools that you will require for thin-coat rendering, it is worth exploring the different thin-coat render options available.

  1. You can opt to render your property using render carrier board for a smooth and durable backing surface. This method is usually used in commercial and larger properties.
  2. You may also consider rendering onto brick and blockwork (masonry). This can be directly rendered over.
  3. Another rendering option is to apply it to mineral wool insulation. This is a highly fire-resistant and acoustically insulated insulation board that is primarily used in properties in urban areas.
  4. You may also opt to render onto Kingspan K5 insulation boards. These bring incredible thermal insulation qualities to your property.
  5. Rendering onto EPS insulation is another thin coat rendering option. This is a cost-effective method for a range of properties.
  6. Rendering onto ICF. These are hollow foam blocks that are stacked and filled with concrete that create a very stable structure.

If you would like to learn more about the entire process involved in the above-mentioned methods, you can read our complete guides here. The remainder of this blog will discuss the tools we recommend for use at the rendering stage of these processes!

Basic tools needed for rendering

While all rendering projects differ in nature, there is a standard set of tools required. At EWI Store, we have an extensive range of trade-quality tools to suit every rendering project.

Below, we will outline each of the tools we would typically recommend you invest in to put you in good stead for any rendering project:

  1. Trowel – Select from stainless steel flexi trowels and notched trowels. These are primarily used in the basecoat reinforcement layer.
  2. Render scraper – This is used to scrape any excess render from the surface. This ensures that you have a smooth surface and a longer lasting and attractive finish.
  3. Float – This is a worthwhile product to invest in as it ensures the render finish is attractive and has a smooth finish. Select from stainless steel or plastic floats for the desired finish.

There are several other products available that can help to streamline the render process. For example, Skimming Blades and Render Spatulas can both assist with application.

However, we will discuss the various properties of the three above-mentioned rendering tools and how they can benefit your render application process.

Trowels for rendering

A high-quality trowel is an essential tool in the external wall insulation rendering process. When it comes to render, we recommend using a specialist trowel to achieve the desired finish.

At EWI Store, you can choose from a selection of Flexi Stainless Steel trowels, hardened stainless steel trowels, and notched trowels.

We stock a selection of trowels from various brands, including Refina and OX Pro. However, we highly recommend opting for Regal & Barnes for premium quality and reliability. You can also enjoy a 25% discount on all Regal & Barnes tools this Black Friday week.

Render Scraper

While this product may not always be a necessary step in the render process, it is sometimes required in order to smooth away any excess render from the surface.

You can view our range of scrapers here.


Finally, when it comes to necessary rendering tools, you will oftentimes require the use of a float

You can choose from our selection of stainless steel or plastic floats. These products are used in a circular motion to smooth out the rendered surface and create an even finish.

Why use Regal & Barnes tools?

Regal & Barnes is a brand that specialises in supplying premium quality trade tools for external wall insulation.

As we have discussed, Regal & Barnes supplies excellent quality rendering tools. However, they also have a selection of other tools, such as spatulas and paint brushes that we are proud to stock on our store.

A unique feature that many Regal & Barnes’ products have is the lightweight, easy grip handle. This allows for maximum comfort when using. Some of these tools have a plastic handle, and some have a premium cork handle – but all are aimed at a non-slip and comfortable hold.