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What is Mosaic Render?

Mosaic Render is a bit of a luxury render, offering unparalleled durability and splash resistance. Our Mosaic Render contains quartz aggregate and is therefore known for being strong, durable and waterproof. This makes it ideal for below the DPC, where impact resistance and splash proofing are essential.

Mosaic Render is available in white, black and grey and not only looks fantastic but serves an integral function within the render and EWI system, ensuring that water will not penetrate from the ground up.

Mosaic Render as a Decorative Feature

The finish that Mosaic Render achieves is especially attractive in that the effect is almost marbled due to the fact that it is highly granulated and varicoloured. Because the product offers such a uniquely appealing finish, it is popularly used as a decorative feature for various areas of the property.

The render would produce a fantastic finish around pillars, windows and doors and on garden walls. It would also look great as a feature wall next to swimming pools because of its resistance to water and its durability. The porch area is also a very common area that homeowners use Mosaic Render, as it creates a nice contrast with the main render as a backdrop. In effect, Mosaic Render is brilliant for those looking to create a unique external facade, with close attention to detailing and high quality features.

Mosaic Render for the DPC

Another very common use of Mosaic Render is for the DPC,  where durability, waterproofing and impact resistance is essential. Ensuring that an external wall insulation system is watertight at DPC level is vital to continued performance and longevity, and for this purpose mosaic offers unparalleled performance. The DPC area is also prone to plant growth and splashback, which this render can withstand really well.  

For ensuring a strong DPC, we always recommend using XPS insulation boards (because they have a higher density and are less likely to absorb water). XPS should be secured to the substrate using our Premium Basecoat, which is extra strong and breathable (this is also used for the basecoat reinforcement layer), and finally finished with the Mosaic Render.

Mosaic Render vs. Acrylic Render

As discussed, Mosaic Render is known for being extremely durable, impact resistant and waterproof. However, we also often talk about how Acrylic Render is impact resistant – so what is the difference?

Acrylic Render is a thin coat coloured render, with grain sizes suspended within the solution which give it a textured effect and a seamless colour. By contrast, Mosaic Render is made up of lots of different coloured grains which give a completely different look, these grains also make it slightly more hardwearing and waterproof.

And there you have it! Everything you need to know about our Mosaic Render. We upload a new blog post every Tuesday and Thursday so stay tuned for more content.


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