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The Best Render to use in Winter

Rendering in winter is a challenge that all professional renderers face. Choosing the right materials that can be used in low temperatures is particularly tricky, especially when there is an expensive risk of render failure.

We have a range of solutions for making sure that nothing can go wrong even in the winter months, so keep reading to find out about the best renders to use in winter!

You can also find out some of our more in depth tips for rendering in winter here.

Using Mineral Render in Winter

Mineral Render is a great choice for winter installations. It’s essentially the dry-mix version of our thin coat renders; it has grains within the render and it’s applied in a very thin layer. The only thing that makes this render different is the fact that it contains portland cement, which enables it to dry a lot faster than our other thin coat renders.

Faster drying times in winter are essential, as temperatures drop overnight. Wet render exposed to freezing conditions leads to render failure. Mineral Render does require painting with Silicone Paint, but despite the added cost of this it’s a much more effective material to use in the winter months.

What sets mineral render apart from silicone renders, is the way in which it dries. Mineral render dries by a chemical reaction rather than water evaporation like silicone renders. This means it can dry quickly, even in the winter months.

Using Winter Adhesive

The Winter Adhesive is a basecoat designed for use down to temperatures of zero degrees. That means that it’s perfect for those winter months when the weather is miserable and work is continuously stalled due to low temperatures.

The basecoat is essentially the same as the EWI-220 EPS Basecoat Adhesive. For example, it can be used as an adhesive for securing EPS insulation boards to a substrate. So, a major advantage of it is that it helps to enable the installation of EWI in cold climates.

Using Render Accelerator in Winter

Winter installations tend to be all about drying times, and the render accelerator really helps with this issue. It’s essentially an additive that you mix into your ready-mix render before applying as normal – the accelerator speeds up the process of drying before the wet render can be affected by the weather. The render accelerator works great with our range of silicone renders. Silicone renders dry by water evaporation which means they need a helping hand during the colder months, render accelerator is the help silicone renders need, making them more usable during the winter.  

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