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Refina Tools In Focus

Here at EWI Store, we stock an extensive range of branded tools, and we’re putting Refina tools in focus this week. Read on to learn how to use their range of tools!

Refina Notched Speedskim

The Refina Notched Speedskim is the perfect, lightweight tool for render and plaster application. The notched rendering blade is ideal for creating a key on all basecoats including coloured, silicone-based, monocouche and traditional sand and cement systems. The Refina Notched Speedskim speeds up the rendering process by delivering an even thickness to basecoats. This results in a flatter, faster finish. It also significantly reduces the harmful effects of fatigue, allowing installers to cover large surface areas quickly and easily.

Refina Render Scraper (Sharp Teeth)

The Refina Render Scraper gives a scraped finish to colour through, polymer renders. The ideal render to use this tool on is Monocouche Scratch Render. Used before the final set, the render scraper will achieve a scraped finish. Furthermore, the sharp teeth will scrape back the surface laitance, which exposes some of the aggregate.

Refina Spatula – Rule

Refina Spatula-Rule is the perfect, lightweight tool for render and plaster application. Compatible for use when installing the basecoat before applying render as a decorative finish to an external wall insulation system. The skimming spatula-rules come with a flexible stainless steel blade and ergo grip lightweight rigid handle. The rigid plastic ergo grip is 30% lighter than comparable rules with metal frames. Also ensure that the edge of the spatula is slightly damp to prevent any dragging of the materials.

Refina Skimming Spatula

The Refina Skimming Spatula is the ideal tool for speed and precision. These skimming spatulas come with a rigid aluminium bracket and stainless steel blade. Compatible for use when applying plasters, renders and cement products, the Rendering Spatula allows users to cover large surface areas quickly and easily.

Refina Scarifier

Refina Scarifier is used after the first pass of monocouche render for keying before the second layer is applied the following day. This product gives the textured finish on all scratch renders. Prior to using this scratching float, then render needs to be dry but not totally cured – normally 24-48 hours after applying the scratch render.

Refina – Spatula Knife

The Refina Spatula Knife is a high-quality tool consisting of a flexible stainless steel putty spatula, ideal for plasterboard and drywall applications. The plastic handle is lightweight and easy to hold, ensuring extreme comfort during use. The Refina Spatula Knife is easy to use and is essential in every kit. 

Refina I Section Scraper

Refina I Section Scraper (1250mm) used for scraping back polymer and colour through renders, improving the flatness and uniformity of the scraped finish. The length and lightweight composition allows you to cover large areas easily.

Refina Stainless Steel Trowel

The Refina Stainless Steel Trowel has a slim shape and lightweight handle. Comfort is at the forefront of the design, as the trowel is mechanically broken in, allowing it to be used for extended periods of time. Moreover, the trowel is also fantastic for use as part of the Hawk & Trowel method. You should ensure that the angle of the trowel decreases as the amount of plaster also decreases.

Refina Tiger Claw Rasp 14″

Refina Tiger Claw Rasp is a coarse grit tungsten hand rasp with saw edge for rubbing down insulation boards. The purpose behind rubbing down insulation boards is to provide a rough substrate for better adhesion.

Refina Bucket Trowel

The Refina Bucket Trowel is the ideal tool for mixing and scooping up plaster, adhesives and cement. With its square end and tapered shape, the trowel is easy and comfortable to use for extended periods of time. Great for scraping extra adhesive off the Notched Trowel and other trowels back into the bucket for further use.

Refina – Plastic Render Float

The Refina Plastic Render Float is an integral part of the thin coat render installation to avoid surface discolouration and blade transference from steel trowels.  This trowel has a solvent-resistant nylon blade which helps users to achieve a professional, excellent finish for thin coat, grained renders.

Refina – Coarse Sponge Float

Refina – Coarse Sponge Float (18mm) is used for smoothing plaster and cement surfaces after application. You can use this sponge float with a water brush to dampen the surface or a large stainless steel spatula to smooth and level the surface. You can also use them to give you additional time to achieve your desired finish, if your plaster or cement has dried too quickly.

As an official stockist of Refina tools, you can rely on our expertise in recommending these tools! Extremely high quality, and working perfectly with our EWI ranges of insulation and renders.


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