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Refina – Coarse Sponge Float (18mm)


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  • Coarse Natural Rubber Sponge can be used to open up the surface of gypsum plasters before final finishing
  • Helps remove trowel marks and air pockets
  • Flexible, lightweight and durable
  • 18mm in depth


Refina – Coarse Sponge Float (18mm)

Refina – Coarse Sponge Float (18mm) is used for smoothing plaster and cement surfaces after application. You can use this sponge float with a water brush to dampen the surface or a large stainless steel spatula to smooth and level the surface. You can also use them to give you additional time to achieve your desired finish, if your plaster or cement has dried too quickly.

  • 18mm in depth
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Long-lasting
  • Durable sponge face
  • Flexible, lightweight and durable
  • Size – 280 x 140mm

Coarse, Medium


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