We’ve now gathered a pretty wide range of EWI Pro adhesives for our render and external wall insulation systems, but without any real clarification about which ones should be used with certain materials and in certain conditions.

Last time we talked about a specific range of our products, it was to provide an overview of our entire line of primers. This week we’re doing something similar and we are going to be talking about our range of adhesives and basecoats, so read on for more information!

EWI-210 EPS Adhesive

Our EPS Adhesive is designed for use purely for mounting EPS insulation boards onto a substrate. We only recommend using this adhesive for EPS because other insulation boards (Mineral Wool and Wood Fibre) are too heavy for it. It’s vapour permeable so will allow any trapped moisture to escape, all while maintaining a strong hold. This is a really versatile adhesive in that it can be used on almost any substrate, be it masonry, concrete, cement-lime or blockwork.

EWI-220 EPS Basecoat Adhesive

The EPS Basecoat Adhesive is designed to be used in two ways. As an adhesive, it is used to secure EPS insulation boards to the substrate (much like the EWI-210, but stronger). Secondly, it can be used as a basecoat for the mesh reinforcement layer. This is a really popular choice for installers because it has a dual purpose which limits the amount of products that are required on-site and also the amount of product that goes to waste.

EWI-221 Winter Adhesive

Much like the EPS Basecoat Adhesive, the Winter Adhesive is a dual-purpose product. It can be used as both basecoat and an adhesive, however the main difference here is that the Winter Adhesive can be used at temperatures down to zero degrees celsius (but no lower than zero) while still maintaining a strong adhesion. This is a fantastic solution to ensure that any hold-ups on-site due to winter weather issues are prevented.  

EWI-225 Premium Adhesive

This is our strongest and most flexible adhesive. It can be used as both an extra strong adhesive and an extra strong basecoat. We always recommend using this adhesive with Mineral Wool and Wood Fibre systems as this is a strong enough adhesive to be able to support the heavier insulation materials. The reason this is our premium adhesive is because it contains strands of fibreglass mesh within the material, which enhance its tensile strength and grip.

EWI-269 Lightweight Basecoat

Our Lightweight Basecoat is highly breathable and is perfect for heritage projects on substrates such as limestone and sandstone, and for use on high performance blockwork. This basecoat is not designed for use on top of insulation boards, but the good thing about it is that it can be applied at a thickness of up to 25mm in one pass without compromising its breathability. The Lightweight Basecoat also contains lime, which is why it’s so breathable and lightweight.

EWI-235 Dash Receiver

Last but not least is our Dash Receiver. In some ways the Dash Receiver is both adhesive and basecoat. It creates a smooth basecoat onto which the dash aggregates adhere to. The Dash Receiver is highly flexible and offers strong adhesion, so you can be sure it will remain crack free for years to come, while holding fast onto the dash aggregates.

EWI-104 Universal Tile Adhesive

The Universal Tile Adhesive is made a cement-based adhesive, with CT2E class adhesive capabilities. This is ideal for internal or external use and offers users a long correction time to enable the adjustment of tiles before it dries in order to achieve a perfect finish.

And there you have it! Our complete guide to EWI Pro adhesives. Any further questions, comment down below or get in touch with our technical team!

Recap: EWI Pro Adhesives

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