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Essential Tools for Rendering and EWI

The best render and EWI jobs are those that you are most prepared for. At EWI Store, our main goal is to make sure that every installer is fully equipped for their next EWI job with minimal fuss. When you go through EWI Store, you can find everything you need in one place, along with our technical expertise and installation advice which is always on hand. With that in mind, in no particular order, here are our essential tools that any installer should have on site with the relevant links so that you can pick up anything you need quickly and easily!

Essential trowels for rendering and EWI

Stainless Steel Trowel

If you’re a renderer, then you won’t be able to live (or do any work) without your trowel on-site. Our stainless steel trowels are reliable and hard wearing – fantastically multi-purpose in that they are ideal for use with our basecoats, adhesives, thin coat and thick coat renders. They help to apply the product super smooth and at the appropriate thickness.

  • SALE Stainless Steel Hardened Trowel
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    Regal & Barnes – Hardened Stainless Steel Trowel (Specialist Edition) – 457mm

    £28.76 Excl. VAT£41.08 Excl. VAT

Square Notched Trowel

The square notched trowel is a fundamental tool for any render or EWI installer. It’s primarily used to ensure that the basecoat is applied at the appropriate thickness and to smooth out the adhesive onto the back of the insulation boards.

Bucket Trowel

The bucket trowel is a pretty standard trowel, nevertheless it’s very handy for scooping, mixing and distributing – be it adhesive or render.

Plastic Render Float

If you’re using one of our thin coat renders, then this is a fundamental tool because you need to use it rub up the render after it’s been applied in order to get the textured finish. Using the plastic render float means that the individual grains within the render can be revealed.

  • Refina Plastic Render Float
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    Refina – Plastic Render Float

    £7.22 Excl. VAT

Sponge Float

The sponge float is used on the basecoat layer to smooth out any trowel lines that were left during application. If you’re using a thin coat render, this is an essential step because any imperfections in the basecoat are sometimes visible through the render.

Corner Trowel

The corner trowel is primarily used to evenly distribute product around the corners and achieve a seamless finish. This is certainly a multi use tool as it is often necessary for the basecoat layer and the render top coat layer.


This one isn’t necessarily essential, but it is a timesaver. The Speedskim essentially allows you to rule off your basecoat, covering a wider area than an ordinary trowel it means that you can get a flat surface in less time and using less energy!

Essential tools for insulation

Mineral Wool Knife

For use with both mineral wool and wood fibre, this is a really handy knife to have on site because you can jab it straight into the insulation and start cutting. Great for if you need to cut the insulation to fit corners etc.

Spirit Level

Essential for making sure your starter track is straight, which in turn means your insulation is laid straight.

Steel EPS Rasp

Best practice for a good quality EPS installation is to use a steel EPS rasp to remove the oily layer that sits on the surface of the EPS, and create a key onto which the basecoat layer can bind.

EPS Wire Cutter

If you are installing EPS, a really handy tool to have on-site is the EPS hot wire cutter. Essentially, it melts the EPS so that you end up with super straight lines and you don’t get a rough jagged mess and polystyrene absolutely everywhere.

Industrial Hoover

When you are rasping back your EPS, you will inevitably find that it goes everywhere and blows about in the wind. Something really handy to have on site is an industrial hoover. This way, one worker can be rasping the EPS while another holds the hoover underneath ready to catch all the fall-out.

Other essential EWI and render tools to have on-site

Large Bucket

Essential for mixing adhesive and more. Also best practice for rendering (especially coloured render) is to decant all your render buckets into one large bucket so that you can mix them all together and ensure a uniform colour.

Drill and Two Batteries + Masonry Drill Bits

Pretty important if you are using mechanical screw fixings – plus, always have a backup battery! Handy bonus tip for drilling mechanical fixings is to use tape on the drill to mark how far in you need to drill the fixings.

  • Auger drill bit set with wooden case
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    Auger Drill Bit Set

    £9.16 Excl. VAT


You’ll need a decent hammer for your plastic/metal hammer fixings.

Measuring Tape

Speaks for itself really, you’ll need to measure up your insulation boards if you’re cutting them etc!

Spades, Brush, Dustpan

Other essentials. You may find yourself needing to dig up some plants in order to gain access/move them out the way of the system, especially if you’re insulating below the DPC.

Window Covers

One of the most important things is to be mindful that you are on someone else’s property. Therefore, it’s your responsibility as the worker to protect windows etc. from damage and from getting render dripped on them.

  • SALE ProGuard Window Protection Film
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    ProGuard Window Protection Film

    £29.11 Excl. VAT£34.25 Excl. VAT

Ladders and Stepladders

Always necessary! Make sure you follow the ‘working from heights’ guidelines.

Tank of Water

If you’re working on a domestic property, sometimes access to water isn’t available. Having a tank of water for mixing materials can be a lifesaver, so think ahead and always check with the customer whether you can use their water supply.

Safety essentials to have on-site

Gloves, Hard Hat, Boots, Goggles, First Aid Kit

Always use protection. And by that we mean protective work gear so that you aren’t putting yourself at risk. That means wearing work boots to protect your feet from falling materials and tools, goggles for when you’re rasping the EPS, and a hard hat to wear while on scaffolding. And importantly, always always always have a first aid kit on site (and someone who knows how to use it!).

  • Yellow latex work gloves
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    Latex Thermal Work Gloves

    £1.50 Excl. VAT

Mobile Phone

In this day and age, it’s rare to find yourself without a mobile phone. However, accidents do happen and being able to contact emergency services is crucial so make sure it’s fully charged and easily accessible in case of emergencies!

So there you have it! Your basic guide to the essential tools to have on site. Any further questions? Call our technical team who are always happy to help, or leave a comment down below.

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