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Why Use a Coloured Render Sample Pot?

Here at EWI Store, coloured render is our speciality. We want all of our customers to be thrilled with the result of their render finish by making sure that they are fully informed before making their choice of colour – it’s always better to be safe than sorry, especially with a project like this!

It’s often difficult to picture how a colour might appear when it’s in full scale on a building, let alone when you’ve only seen a tiny picture of the colour on a colour chart. 

Being able to see exactly what colour the render is in real life is essential – that’s why we recommend trying a colour sample pot before taking the plunge!

  • Quick View

    EWI Pro Render Sample Chart

    £9.99 Excl. VAT
  • Coloured Render Sample Pot – 600g

    From £5.99 Excl. VAT
  • Render Colour Sample Sleeve

    From £3.50 Excl. VAT

What are the Coloured Render Sample Pots?

Our Coloured Render Tester Pots contain our EWI-075 Silicone render, although we do have a range of renders available. They come in a 600g tub in a default grain size of 1.5mm. We only offer the one grain size and render type because the render tester pots are designed purely to allow our customers to see the colour of the render. 

Why should I Test my Coloured Render Before Purchase?

It’s essential for customers to test their coloured render before purchasing it in bulk. 

EWI Pro silicone render may appear a different colour once applied to a building, there are many factors which can cause this. One of which is the amount of light, depending on what direction your property is facing it can receive a lower or higher level of light. Thereby, affecting the colour and the render appearance.

Colour appearance

Pale coloured renders can reflect the colours within their surroundings. If you live in a very green area, your coloured render may reflect this and appear different to the colour chart. 

Likewise, if you live next to the sea, your render may pick up on its bluish tones. This is why we advocate purchasing a coloured render sample pot before making a decision!

It’s also necessary when you are testing your coloured render to make sure that after you’ve applied it, you leave it for 24 hours to set before making your final decision about whether or not you like the colour. 

Render is similar to paint in that it may appear lighter or darker when it’s wet and dry. You need to ensure that you like the way the coloured render looks when it’s dry because this will be the finished result.

What Do I Do When I’ve Decided on my Coloured Render?

After you have made that all-important decision, let your installer know and they will purchase the correct amount of render for your property! 

You can also check out our materials calculator, which will give you the correct amount of materials for the size of your property. However, you can always give us a call and we will be happy to help you work out the exact materials needed.

Buy your Coloured Render Sample Pots Now…

You can purchase a coloured render sample pot in any of our available shades. Order as many as you need online or by phone and we can get them delivered directly to you!

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