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At EWI Store, we make sure we only sell the best products. Our coloured renders provide unparalleled performance at great prices.

We offer four different types of render, and all of them are available in hundreds of colours. Whatever your customer’s requirement, we can fulfil it.

How is EWI Store coloured render different?

Traditional renders are made from a mixture of sand, cement, lime and chemicals. With these renders, you normally have to wait between 2 weeks and 2 months for them to dry. You then you have to paint over the top with paint.

Our render is different because the colour is included. This helps you for a number of reasons:

  • Firstly, having to use separate materials can really delay jobs. With our coloured render, you only need to apply one coat and then your job is finished – no hanging around to have to paint over the top.
  • Costs can be cut by using one material instead of separate render and paint.
  • Our coloured through-render is more robust, and because the pigment goes through every layer, it will not show if you scratch. If you damage normal render and scratch the paint, it will show what is underneath.
  • Our coloured render can be applied on top of EPS, XPS, mineral wool, phenolic board, cement board, plus in some cases on OSB or WPB. It can also be used on aqua panels. This is unlike traditional render, which can only be applied on top of brick or block work. Our coloured renders, available in several different finishes – silicone, silicone silicate, mineral and acrylic – can be used on almost any substrate.

Choose EWI Store coloured render

Our coloured render is the highest quality out there. It is well worth having a thicker protective layer of render, rather than just finishing a job with paint.

Our coloured render has good weather-resistant properties and remains robust over time. It is highly resistant to cracking when installed with flexible materials underneath. Our silicone and mineral renders are self-cleaning and hydrophobic. All the range apart from acrylic are breathable.

Best of all, it looks great.

There’s a reason why coloured-through render is the type most commonly chosen by architects! Nearly everyone we speak to in the trade says it’s getting more and more popular.

How EWI Store’s coloured render made?

We have the best facilities to make our coloured render. We add the pigments and then mix the render in a with the latest machinery. We get it ready to dispatch on the same day and it should be with you within 24-48 hours, preventing any delays on finishing your project, and keeping your customer happy.

The price of our coloured renders depends on the pigment, so we have ordered them into three price tiers to fit any budget.

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