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What is the Premium Bio Silicone Render?

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We`re so excited to have Premium Bio Silicone Render on our product line-up. Also, we thought we’d write all about what it can do for you! If you’re facing ongoing issues with organic overgrowth or cracked render, please read on. Also, find out exactly what the Premium Bio Silicone Render can do for you.

The EWI Pro Premium Bio Silicone Render is the brand’s most high-performance silicone-based render yet. So, what sets this render apart from your typical silicone render?

Premium Bio Silicone Render – what can it do?

While Silicone render is already renowned for its impressive self-cleaning capabilities and numerous other advantages. The Premium Bio Silicone seems to take this characteristic to another level.

The enhanced properties of the render mean that this is the best render for maintaining colour and a clean appearance.


This Silicone Render actively combats any signs of organic growth that occurs on the surface of the render. Also, quickly breaking down surface vegetation with its highly hydrophobic and overgrowth-repellent surface.


Most silicone-based renders will have protection against UV rays that can fade the more intense and vibrant colours. On the other hand, Premium Bio offers enhanced protection in comparison. Brighter colours will stay vibrant for longer due to this extra level of resistance, meaning that the property`s external appearance is far better maintained. Check out our colour chart to view our full range of render colours. 

Mechanical Resistance

Mechanical resistance essentially means a renders ability to withstand any impacts without cracking. Premium Bio offers an increased level of mechanical resistance. So, if your property is prone to these problems, this is definitely the perfect render for you.


As with the standard classic Silicone Render, breathability is still an essential component of the Premium Bio Silicone Render. Heritage properties and high-performance blockwork structures all require a breathable but protective coating to ensure that water vapour can escape from the building fabric.


As with all thin coat render technology, flexibility is an integral part of the Premium Bio Silicone Render as well. Once applied on top of a reinforced base coat such as our EWI-225 Premium Adhesive, it will provide a long-lasting finish. Also, that will be able to adjust to structural movements without cracking.

The Premium Bio Silicone Render covers all the base (coats) when tackling the common issues associated with render. We can’t wait to see how it performs! Premium Bio is available in our standard range of colours and can be tinted to match any shade.

So there you have it! An overview of our new thin coat coloured render. Premium Bio Silicone Render is an exciting launch, and we think it’ll be a real game-changer. So, get your orders in early and be the first to try it out!


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