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Top 10 Tradie Stocking Fillers

Welcome to the Christmas season! Shopping for anyone is notoriously tricky so why not fill your favourite tradies stocking with some fun fillers? All of these items are cheap and cheerful; however, they all serve a purpose and fill a need. We’ll discuss our best suggestions for gifts and how they’ll help out the tradie in your life.

Render Accelerator

A render accelerator is a chemical additive used in plastering or rendering processes, especially in construction. It’s designed to speed up the drying or setting time of the render, which is particularly useful in cold or damp conditions often encountered during winter.

In winter, the low temperatures and higher humidity levels can significantly slow down the drying process of traditional renders. This delay can be problematic in construction or renovation projects, as it can lead to scheduling delays and increased costs. Additionally, if the render doesn’t dry properly, it can lead to issues like cracking, poor adhesion, and even the growth of mould or mildew.

  • It helps the render to set and dry more quickly, which is crucial in cold weather when these processes naturally take longer.
  • By speeding up drying time, it minimises weather-related delays, keeping construction or renovation projects on schedule.
  • Accelerators can enhance the overall quality of the render finish by preventing problems like cracking or poor bonding that can occur when the render dries too slowly.
  • They allow for more efficient use of labour and resources, as work can continue seamlessly without being hindered by long waiting periods for render to dry.

CT1 Adhesive

CT1 adhesive is a multipurpose product widely acclaimed in the construction and DIY industries for its superior bonding strength and versatility. It can adhere to a variety of surfaces including wood, metal, glass, stone, and many plastics. Its strong bonding capability is complemented by its flexibility, which allows it to accommodate slight movements in materials, preventing cracking over time. This makes CT1 particularly useful for a wide range of applications, from construction to simple repair tasks.

One of the key advantages of CT1 is its environmental resistance. It is waterproof, making it ideal for moist environments like bathrooms and kitchens, and it’s also resistant to chemicals and mould. This durability is enhanced by its safety features; it is generally odourless and non-toxic, making it a safer choice for indoor use. Furthermore, CT1 can be applied in wet conditions and once cured, it can be painted over, offering a seamless finish for various design needs. These attributes combine to make CT1 a highly sought-after adhesive solution, known for its efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

10-in-1 Multi-tool

The Regal & Barnes 10-in-1 Multi-Tool Putty Knife is an innovative and highly versatile tool designed for both professional and DIY use. This multi-tool is more than just a spatula or a putty knife; it incorporates a variety of integrated tools to handle a wide range of tasks efficiently. Its features include a straight-edge scraper for easy smoothing, a curved scraper that adapts to rounded edges and corners, and a gouger for removing old materials. Additionally, it has a screwdriver head for dealing with loose screws, an integrated nail puller for deconstruction and renovation work, a roller cleaner for painting tasks, and both can and bottle openers. The tool also includes a hammer end for quick pounding tasks. To enhance user comfort and control, it is designed with an ergonomically shaped handle, making it suitable for prolonged use.


Pinkgrip adhesive is a versatile construction adhesive known for its strong bonding capabilities. It’s a solvent-based adhesive and is commonly used in the building and construction industry for a variety of tasks. Pinkgrip is designed to stick to virtually any building material, including wood, brick, metal, and plastic.

The distinctive feature of Pinkgrip is its ‘Direct Bond’ technology, which allows it to provide a strong bond without the need for support while curing. This makes it particularly useful for vertical bonding applications, such as fixing wall panels, skirting boards, and window frames. The adhesive’s pink colour makes it easily identifiable during application, but it typically dries to a more neutral tone.

Screwdriver set

The WellCut Go-Through Screwdriver Set is a comprehensive toolkit designed to meet the needs of both DIY enthusiasts and professionals. This six-piece set includes three slotted and three Phillips screwdrivers of varying sizes, tailored to handle a broad spectrum of tasks. The screwdrivers are constructed from robust hexagon S2 steel CR-6150 material, ensuring their durability and longevity. They are significantly heavier and thicker than standard screwdrivers, which contributes to their sturdiness and reliability.

One of the notable features of these screwdrivers is their non-slip diamond-coated grip, which enhances precision and control during use. The handles are equipped with steel caps, allowing them to withstand the impact of a hammer. This feature, combined with the rubber thumb grip on each screwdriver, ensures maximum comfort and grip for the user. Moreover, the set includes a hex bolt between the handle, acting as a wrench adapter – a convenient addition for loosening tough screws. With these diverse sizes and types of screwdrivers, this set is equipped to tackle a wide array of tasks, from simple home repairs to more complex projects on job sites.

Wonder Wipes

Wonder Wipes, manufactured by Everbuild, are multi-use cleaning wipes that have become popular among builders and tradesmen. They are specially formulated to clean hands, tools, and surfaces from a range of substances such as wet and semi-cured paint, sealant, adhesive, bitumen, expanding foam, oil, grease, and even silicone. These wipes are notably effective when there is no water available on site. They contain a powerful anti-bacterial additive, tested to BSEN 1276 standards, and lanolin to condition the skin, making them not only effective cleaners but also safe for use on hands.

Clip & Snip Starter Pack

EWI Store’s new ‘Clip & Snip’ Tile Levelling System solves many issues that traditional systems present. The one-time use straps ensure a perfectly level tile system and provide a 1mm grout joint. The reusable levelling clips evenly distribute pressure without scratching or cracking the tiles. The snip gun produces a consistent and clean break within the strap and removes the levelling system from the tile, once the adhesive is dry, without damaging the tiles.

Render Remover

EWI Pro Clean–Render Remover (1L) has been specially formulated to work on both dried and wet renders; it can also be used on cementitious products, including monocouche render and basecoat. It has been designed to cut cleaning times and costs in half, using less product by aiming to clean surfaces on the first use. Leave on spillage for 1 minute for general cleaning and 20 minutes for heaving soiling.

Tape measure

A tape measure with a magnetic hook is an innovative tool designed to enhance ease and accuracy in measurement tasks, particularly in environments where metal surfaces are prevalent. This specialised tape measure features a magnetic hook at the end of the measuring tape, which is a significant advantage for metalworking, construction, and DIY projects. The embedded magnet in the hook allows for secure attachment to steel beams, pipes, ductwork, and other metallic surfaces, making it an indispensable tool in scenarios where precision and stability are crucial.

Sealant gun

A sealant gun, commonly referred to as a caulking gun, is a tool designed to assist in the application of sealant or caulking material. It is widely used in construction, home repair, and DIY projects for tasks such as sealing joints or gaps in various structures. The design of a sealant gun includes a frame, typically made of metal or plastic, which holds a tube or cartridge of sealant. The main mechanism of the gun is a trigger-like handle connected to a rod or plunger. When the handle is squeezed, it pushes the rod forward, exerting pressure on the sealant tube, which in turn dispenses the sealant through the nozzle at the front.

Sealant guns are essential for ensuring a smooth, even application of the material. They provide better control over the flow of sealant, allowing for precise application and reducing wastage. This precision is particularly important in tasks that require a neat finish, such as sealing windows, doors, or bathroom fixtures. Moreover, the use of a sealant gun minimizes hand fatigue, especially in jobs that involve the application of sealant over long periods or large areas.


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