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Multi-tool 17 Piece Accessory Set


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  • Can be used on wood, plastic, metal, nails
  • Blades are made from SK5 carbon steel & durable stainless steel
  • All multi-tool sanding accessories have a quick-release universal shank

Multi-tool 17 Piece Accessory Set

WellCut Multi-tool 17 Piece Accessory Set has been designed to include the most common accessories, helping you tackle a wide range of applications.

Each blade body is made from SK5 carbon steel, this means they will keep their shape and resist wear even when cutting tough materials. WellCut’s 17 piece multi-tool accessory set is compatible with many models of oscillating tools,  including AEG, Bosch, DeWALT, Einhell, Fein, Makita, Multimaster, Milwaukee and more.

Product Contents

Segment cutting blade: The 88mm segment blade has been designed to be used on wood & metal, particularly useful for linear and plunge cuts. For example, the cutting blade can be used on things such as floorboards, or useful if you have to cut copper or plastic pipe.

3 types of plunge cutting blades: Choose from a selection of 3 different types of blades: 1 multi-tool wood blade, 1 multi-tool wood & metal blade, 2 multi-tool blades for wood & plastic, one with finer teeth for extra-fine cuts. For example, the cutting blades can be used for making cuts in walls, flush-cutting screws & nails, cutting out a section of skirting board, or cutting the bottom of a door frame to fit new flooring.

Scraper blade: This 52mm multi-tool scraper blade efficiently removes tile adhesive, mortar, silicone tile joints and carpet adhesive, as well as old paint, wallpaper, caulk and lino. You’ll find plenty of uses for this multi-tool rigid scraper blade – it’s perfect for a wide range of renovation tasks.

Sanding plate set: This multi-tool sanding plate set consists of an 80mm multi-tool delta sanding pad plus 10 multi-tool sanding sheets. The sanding sheets have a medium grit-level of 100, which is perfect for general sanding tasks, including light stripping. Even better, the hook-and-loop backing allows you to quickly change the sanding sheets when using this multi-tool sanding pad set – it also holds them securely in place while you work.

  • 1 x 34mm bi-metal plunge-cutting blade
  • 2 x 34mm HCS wood plunge-cutting blades
  • 1 x 34mm Japanese-tooth plunge cutting blade
  • 1 x 88mm bi-metal segment cutting blade
  • 1 x 52mm rigid scraper blade
  • 1 x 80mm delta sanding pad
  • 10 x 80mm sanding sheets 100 grit

Please note: This oscillating multi-tool blade set is not compatible with the Fein Starlock oscillating multi-tool or the BOSCH PMF250 (green) or BOSCH GOP300 (blue) oscillating multi-tool.


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