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Extreme Metal Cutting Disc 115mm


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  • 4.5 inch metal cutting disc in a 10-pack
  • These thin 1.2mm angle grinder discs deliver fast, efficient cutting, boosting productivity
  • Convenient storage tin

WellCut extreme metal cutting disc allows accurate cuts with your metalwork, ideal for use on steel, stainless steel, aluminium and copper. The cutting discs have a narrow 1.2mm kerf, making them easily and quickly cut through any suitable metal.

Every 4.5 inch extreme metal cutting disc in this 10-pack conforms to safety requirement EN12413, so you can rest assured that each abrasive 115mm disc will be cut safely and efficiently. Each high-performance 115mm metal cutting disc has an internal layer of mesh reinforcement for durable use; the abrasive coating of aluminium oxide for the 115mm cutting discs guarantees long, reliable use and dependable performance. Every thin kerf metal cutting disc will fit most standard-size angle grinders and petrol disc cutters.

These 10 x 115mm angle metal grinder discs come in a storage tin for convenient storing and transport.

Product Features

  • Wide suitability: Each 4.5 inch metal cutting disc in this 10-pack is ideal for cutting steel, stainless steel, aluminium & copper
  • Fast cutting: These thin 1.2mm angle grinder discs deliver fast, efficient cutting, boosting productivity. This will also ensure that your battery charge lasts longer if you’re using a cordless angle grinder
  • Safe performance: Because they conform to safety requirement EN12413, you can use each 115mm angle grinder metal cutting blade knowing that you’re guaranteed safe, efficient performance
  • Quality blade design: Bonded internal mesh reinforcement and durable aluminium oxide coating for these cutting blades ensures quality and performance that you can rely on
10 x 115mm WellCut® metal-cutting discs


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