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9” Paint tray insert

£0.61 Excl. VAT


  • Molded to fit perfectly into EWI Store 9” paint tray
  • Disposable inserts
  • Ease of cleaning between paint jobs
  • Ridged edges for equal paint application
  • Non-shifting inserts

9” Paint tray insert

EWI Store Trade Basic 9 inch tray insert has been designed to be used with our 9” paint roller tray.  The inserts have been designed for when completing multiple paint jobs without having to clean the roller tray.

The inserts have been molded and built to fit any 9 inch tray, they are disposable to ensure quick and easy cleaning which can sometimes be very time consuming. However, due to the durable plastic it can be used a few times if you are completing a large job which can carry on for a few days.


  • Disposable; making different paint jobs quicker and easier
  • Use in 9 inch paint trays
  • Ridged chevrons for even application on the roller


Our paint tray insert is great when purchased with our 9 inch paint roller handle.

Our 9-inch roller handle is ideal for you with any of our standard roller heads including our:

All our paint accessories are suitable when applying our EWI Silicone Paint

*Items sold separately



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