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Preventing Wall Freezing and minimising condensation on external walls

Apart from high heat loss directly through the wall, insufficient thermal insulation may lead to the so-called wall freezing on exterior walls.

This term refers to the condition in which the temperature of the internal surface of walls is low enough to cause surface condensation of steam.

When this occurs it can lead to damp occurring in the home and over time even mould can develop. It is essential in homes that have central heating (which is non-permanent heating since it is only on for certain hours of the day normally) to minimise wall freezing. By applying a layer of solid wall insulation to the external surface of the property, less heat will travel through the wall out into the external environment – instead the heat will travel through the brick, hit the insulation and with nowhere to go it will remain within the brick, helping to keep it at a far warmer temperature.

100mm of EPS can prevent Wall Freezing!

Remember 100mm of EPS can lower the u-value of a wall down to less than 0.3w/m2k – this is a better level of thermal efficiency than even a new wall built today. By retrofitting a layer of insulation to your home you can dramatically reduce heat loss and also prevent wall freezing from occurring – so no mould in your home!

EWI Pro systems have been specifically designed to improve the thermal comfort of properties and comes with a 25-year manufacturer warranty to ensure peace of mind. If you are looking for the best product to insulate your home with – look no further than our EWI Pro systems.


3 thoughts on “Preventing Wall Freezing and minimising condensation on external walls

  1. Most solid wall substrates require 90mm to reach the .3 refurb u-value. Do you intend to add this to your online calculator?

    1. Hi Joe, No intention at the moment – to be honest though we sell the solid wall insulation in all sorts of thicknesses so we should certainly get around to it at some point!

  2. I am trying to get a good price on external wall insulation but I noticed that the grants have all dried up. Does anyone know when the Green Deal will be coming back? Is it going to be back any time soon?

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