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Monocouche Scratch Render Cost Per Square Metre

Customers who are interested in using our renders always ask exactly how much per square metre e.g. Monocouche Scratch Render cost per square metre. The answer varies from render to render and is not limited to how much the render itself costs per square metre.

To get a full picture of how much the materials will cost per square metre, it’s necessary to take into account how much for mesh, beading, basecoat, primer and more. This week we are going to look at how much the materials for a monocouche scratch render installation will cost per square metre.

What is Monocouche Scratch Render?

Monocouche scratch render is a polymer modified, decorative, through-coloured render. As opposed to our thin coat renders which have different grain sizes and come ready to apply, the monocouche render is a thick coat render and comes as a dry mix – so it requires mixing with water before application. It’s much more traditional because it is applied at a similar thickness to a sand and cement render, however, our monocouche render is breathable – therefore allowing water vapour to escape through the render.

Because it provides more of a traditional finish on a property (it gives a chalky, sandstone effect) monocouche is a popular render choice. The finish that monocouche offers is different to our coloured renders. The thin coat renders have different grain sizes within the render which offer a textured finish, while the monocouche is smooth until you scratch it back to achieve a dappled effect.

How much is Monocouche Scratch Render Per Square Metre?

So, to work out exactly how much the monocouche scratch render will cost per square metre, you first need to measure up the property to work out the approximate square meterage. So to work out the square meterage of your external walls, you simply need to go outside and measure the length and height of the wall then multiply those two numbers together. This needs to be repeated for each wall you intend to render and then totalled together. This will give you the external wall area.

Once you have the external wall area, we need to work out how much each of the materials will cost per square metre, then add this all together for a total materials cost per m2.

Best practice is to prime the substrate before applying any kind of product. Assuming the substrate is a standard masonry, we recommend using our water-based primer. This primer essentially prevents the substrate from absorbing too much water out of the render which can lead to cracking and damage. The water-based primer costs approximately 30 pence per square metre. (view our full primer guide here for a comprehensive overview of each primer).

When it comes to the actual monocouche render itself, generally we advise that our monocouche scratch render covers approximately one metre squared per bag of render. That means that the number of bags of monocouche that you buy should more or less match the square meterage of your property. Monocouche render is £11.33 per square metre.

Our monocouche system requires that installers embed fibreglass mesh within the first layer of render to enhance tensile strength and crack resistance. Taking that into account, the fibreglass mesh costs approximately 70p per square metre.

Beading is also embedded within the first layer to reinforce weak points within the render, e.g. around corners, windows and doors. Beading generally costs £2 per square metre, although bear in mind this can vary between properties.

So, to add all of this together the total cost of monocouche render per square metre is approximately £14.63 per m2.

Buying Monocouche Scratch Render

When you order your monocouche render with EWI Store, we can offer next day delivery and our specialist technical advice service. We believe in the importance of being able to offer our customers the benefit of our knowledge and so all of our sales team are well experienced in the use of our products and will be able to give the best advice on how they are best applied and how much you will need. We’ve also written a blog post about coloured render cost per m2, so check that out for a comprehensive overview of that particular system!

Stay tuned for more content! We upload a new blog post every Tuesday and Thursday all about our renders and our External Wall Insulation Systems. Also follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for exclusive updates!

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