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EWI Store has a new website

If you’re wondering what happened to EWI Store, don’t panic! We’ve been working very hard behind the scenes to bring you our new and improved EWI Store website.

As EWI Store has continued to expand, we wanted to ensure our website reflects our company values. We believe in giving our customers the best possible user experience when shopping with us. Therefore, it was about time our website got a makeover!

Having partnered with top web developers, we have redesigned every aspect of our website. This means our website now has improved functionality, as well as a fresh and modern feel to it. While we have carried over some of our existing features to the new site, you will notice many new products and features listed!

Below we will outline some of the features you can expect to see from our new and updated site.

New Menu

Our new website is complete with an entirely new navigation system and menu. This way, it will be much easier to navigate your way around the website.

You will be able to find all our product categories at the top of the homepage. Each category has a drop-down menu to allow you to select the products you’re looking for more easily.

Our new menu product categories are as follows: render systems, insulation & fixings, beading & mesh, accessories, and tools.

New Products

You will notice our new EWI Store’s website has a range of new products. In fact, it displays our widest range of products yet.

On our new website, you will notice a wider selection of products available for purchase. We have added many new products from Regal and Barnes and EWI Pro. For example, we have updated our range of leather and cork tools on our site.

Materials Calculator

We have carried over one of our most popular site features to the new website – our Materials Calculator!

This interactive feature allows you to calculate the materials required for your unique external wall insulation project or particular job. The Materials Calculator is an easy-to-use tool that allows us to recommend the most suitable materials for your individual needs.

Regular Blog Posts

We will be posting a new blog post every Wednesday so you can stay up to date with our latest promotions and news.

Our blogs will vary by topic weekly. They will be a mixture of informative articles, step-by-step guides and external wall insulation tips.

Buyers Guides

Another key component of our new EWI Store website is our section exclusively dedicated to buyers guides.

Our buyers guides are aimed at providing you with all the information you will need to understand the installation process of our various insulation systems.

Stay tuned for more content from us!


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