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Dryzone Damp-Proofing Cream for the DPC

We’ve recently added Dryzone Damp-Proofing Cream to our product range, and we have to say that we think it’s a fantastic product. Dryzone is designed to create an artificial DPC, which prevents rising damp from permeating the building structure. Rising damp can be seriously detrimental to structural integrity, especially if you intend to install external wall insulation on your property, so Dryzone Damp-Proofing cream can come in really useful as a safeguard against this.

What is a DPC?

A DPC is an in-built barrier within your walls which is designed to prevent moisture rising through the walls at ground level. Typically, a DPC is created using a moisture resistant material; slate is a traditional material commonly found in older properties with existing DPC’s, however these days you can also find DPC’s made of other durable and water resistant materials such as plastic and rubber.    

In the case of really old properties, the DPC can fall to disrepair and as a result damp can permeate through the material. This is where a chemical DPC such as Dryzone Damp-Proofing Cream comes in really handy.

What is Rising Damp?

When a property has no DPC, or even a DPC that is in disrepair, it is vulnerable to rising damp. Rising damp occurs when water travels upwards from the ground through capillary action. This can eventually cause damp patches on the internal walls and floors, damaging plaster and warping floorboards. It’s a pretty common and worrying issue for properties, and the only way to stop rising damp in its tracks is with a DPC.

What is Dryzone Damp-Proofing Cream?

Dryzone Damp-Proofing Cream has revolutionised the treatment of rising damp, allowing users to create an artificial DPC by drilling holes at DPC level, and then injecting the cream into these holes using an applicator gun. The Damp-Proofing Cream then absorbs into the wall, creating a chemical barrier that prevents damp from rising up the wall.

Dryzone Damp-Proofing Cream: An Overview

  • Quick to install
  • Easy to install
  • High strength formula
  • Low hazard and non-flammable
  • No spillage and mess during installation
  • Can be used on a range of substrates: brick, stone and rubble construction

Dryzone Damp-Proofing Cream and EWI

As we know, in order for an insulation system to work effectively and maintain a high thermal performance, it needs to be free of moisture. This is why eliminating problems with damp before installation is vital, not only in terms of performance but also for structural integrity.

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