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Clip & Snip Tile Levelling System

EWI Store introduces a revolutionary Clip & Snip Tile Levelling System, which turns a laborious process into 2 simple steps. The advantages of the system are extensive and cut your levelling time significantly.

What is the Clip & Snip Tile Levelling System?

The Clip & Snip system is an innovative solution to many of the problems that plague traditional tile levelling systems. The system is composed of 3 parts, all working in harmony.

  1. Snip Gun – The snip gun is a two-part device with an ergonomic handle and trigger mechanism. The internal mechanism contains a dual tensioning system, regulated by the gripping attachment. Tension is preset within the gun, allowing the user to pull the strap to the same level consistently. As a result of this design, the tiles are always levelled absolutely flush and flat, with no errors. Therefore, the simplicity of the system eliminates any human or design error. The back of the snip gun is also cut with slots that house the gripping attachment when the clips are removed from the surface. This ensures that the crucial attachment is not misplaced or lost.
  2. Clip – The clip that slides over the strap has several design features that set it apart. Raised ridges on the shorter ends of the clips are ergonomic for the benefit of the user. The clip slides onto the strap with incredible ease and mimics a zip-tie clamping system. Interlocking teeth set at opposing poles also ensure that the clip does not slide off. As the clipping process is from the top down, the surface of the tiles is protected from any potential scratches due to the lateral movement of the clip.
  3. Strap – The strap part of the system fits seamlessly under the tiles. The ultra-thin design of the base ensures that you press the strap into the tile adhesive, it fully embeds and does not compromise the coverage on the bottom of the tile. Most crucially, the strap is designed with an ingenious double-notched system. The first notch ensures that the tiles are always at the same level and the primary snip is always at the same place. The second notch at the base of the strap then ensures that the secondary snip is also in the same place every time and also cannot compromise the tile or further grouting.
  • Tile Levelling System - Snip Gun
  • Tile Levelling System - Clip
  • Tile Levelling System - Strap
  • tile levelling system gun on clip

Old tile levelling systems

The most popular tile levelling systems on the market are either wedges or screw-in systems. Both systems are rife with issues due to their design.

  • Wedges can be inconsistent due to the nature of the design
  • The plastic housing is flimsy and can snap during the tightening process
  • Tightening is performed with a mechanical strapper, however, this relies on a fair degree of knowledge and skill of the worker to ensure it is not overtightened and consistent throughout every wedge
  • Scraping motion as the wedges are tightened can lead to surface scratches on softer tiles
  • Knocked off by a hammer once tightened which can lead to cracks and scrapes
  • Screw-in system is slow and laborious
  • Some systems have no key and will have to be tightened by hand which can be painful
  • There is no preset level of tightening and is totally dependent on the user, therefore the user requires plenty of knowledge and skill
  • The process produces a scraping motion on the surface of the tiles whilst being tightened, which can lead to surface scratches and small cracks
  • Knocked off by a hammer once tightened which can lead to cracks and scrapes

Benefits of the new system

The Clip & Snip Tile Levelling System is designed specifically with the aforementioned failings in mind. Every step of the design process is carefully monitored so as to not fall into the traps of other tile levelling systems. The benefits and features are as follows:

  • Ergonomic strapping gun design with preset tensioning ensures ease of use and total consistency throughout repeated use
  • Hardwearing and reusable clips will not snap under any form of pressure
  • Double-notched nylon straps always clip in the right place and at the right depth. Each notch ensures that the primary and secondary snips are in the same place every time.
  • The clips even out the distribution of pressure due to the larger surface area in contact with the tile
  • No scratches on the tiles as the blue clip does not rub on the surface at any point, rather being clipped from the top
  • Compensation for different tile thicknesses
  • Tiles automatically stay locked in place and at the same depth
  • Minimal waste as the gun and clips are reusable
  • Cuts tiling time in half
  • Suitable for ultrathin tiles
  • Protects tiles from cracking during unclipping due to the secondary snipping function of the clip gun, rather than being removed by a hammer
The process of using the Clip & Snip Tile Levelling System

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Which Tile Levelling System is Your Favourite?

Which Tile Levelling System is Your Favourite?


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