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Can you paint over K Rend?

Is your house currently rendered in K Rend? Has it been a while since your house was rendered? Is it looking a bit dull and dirty? If this sounds all too familiar, then it might be time to consider refreshing the façade of your property. Simply painting over the render might sound like the most obvious way to achieve this, but there’s slightly more to it than that. This blog unpacks how to go about painting over a property rendered in K Rend but not before explaining what K Rend is to help you identify the type of render on your property in case you’re not sure.

What is K Rend?

Due to its renown, K Rend is often confused as the umbrella term for all types of render when, in fact, it is a brand of render. Here at EWI Store, we stock K Rend Silicone K1 Monocouche Render and K Rend Silicone TC15 Topcoat. K Rend Silicone Render is water-repellent, polymer-modified and self-coloured, meaning it is available in a variety of colours so you can achieve your desired coloured finish.

How long does K Rend last?

While K Rend looks fantastic upon application, it can eventually look a bit grubby due to prolonged exposure to the elements. If you can see black, red or green streaks anywhere on the façade, this is a sign of biological growth and an even bigger sign that it simply needs a good clean; a simple jet wash should do the trick. It is vital to get rid of any biological growth before painting over the render as it can continue to grow under the paint, defeating the purpose of refreshing the face of the property. Nonetheless, too high pressurised water can cause damage to the surface of the property, so it is worth considering hiring a professional to clean it for you.

How can I paint over K Rend?

Once your property is clear of dirt and biological growth, it can be painted. However, while it is possible to paint over K Rend with standard masonry paint, it is advised to consult with a professional who can recommend more compatible paints as masonry paint can compromise the render system. For instance, our Silicone Paint works with our Silicone Render to offer advanced breathability, flexibility and durability, which can also be tinted to match the very same colour as the current façade or to absolutely any colour you like, including any RAL and NCS colour. If you need assistance, you can contact our experienced technical team here!

The verdict…

So, to answer the question at the beginning, you can paint over K Rend. However, some factors need to be considered before doing so, such as the condition of the render before painting (does it need a good clean?) and the type of paint to use over K Rend (which should be discussed with a professional). Once these factors have been considered, your property can be given a lovely refresh! Don’t forget that you can contact our knowledgeable team regarding any other questions you have, or fill in the form below to send your request.

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    4 thoughts on “Can you paint over K Rend?

    1. Through colour renders should most definitely not be pressure washed, it strips away the coloured pigment to leave the aggregate exposed.
      These types of renders should be cleaned with steam or a softwash solution.

      1. Hi Gareth,

        A gentle clean is recommended, but a pressure wash on a very low fan setting should not strip any of the pigment away

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