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Best Performing External Paint – EWI Pro Silicone Paint

What are External Paints?

External paints have a variety of uses. They can be used on several different surfaces including but not limited to concrete, render, pebbledash, metal, and soft wood.

A good exterior paint can improve your homes external appearance and protect it from temperature changes, moisture and fading. External Paint is essentially the ‘go to’ product for covering most rendered building facades. It’s decorative and protective.

EWI Pro Silicone Paints

Looking for the best performing external paint? Here at EWI Store we supply a range of EWI Pro Silicone Paints including EWI-005 Silicone Paint, EWI-007 Nano Drex Silicone Paint and EWI-006 Premium Bio Silicone Paint.

EWI Pro Silicone Paints are high quality and can be used both internally and externally. All EWI Pro Silicone Paints are frost-proof, vapour permeable, hydrophobic, resistant to algae growth and ideal for use with Mineral Render or as a standalone finish.

EWI Pro Silicone Paints are high-performance External Masonry paints. They can be painted over an existing render to refresh the facade and create a finish that appears brand new, or they can be used to paint over our Mineral Render to seal the render in.

Application is dependent on the weather conditions, EWI Pro Silicone Paint should ideally be applied 3-7 days after you have applied the Mineral Render to the substrate. Doing this will make sure that a strong chemical and physical bond forms between the Mineral Render and the external paint.

Why use a Silicone Paint externally?

Silicone Paint provides a highly breathable finish which makes it perfect as part of a render or EWI system. It is known that water ingress and moisture is detrimental to rendered homes and to external wall insulation.

If water manages to ingress into the external wall insulation system, it has the potential to reduce its thermal capabilities and can damage the system during the freezing and thawing process. Ingress of water within a render-only system is especially bad, as this water will cause damage to the render. There is a risk this moisture will seep into the walls of the property and inevitably cause damp patches on the internal walls, particularly with solid wall properties.

This is where Silicone Paint comes in. Silicone Paint creates a protective barrier against this issue. The breathability of the Silicone Paint allows moisture and water to escape through its surface and prevents moisture from passing through, this is because the silicone properties within the paint repels water vapour. Because of its vapour permeability, Silicone Paint also has frost-proof qualities (This means frost will not cause damage by settling on its surface or within the actual Silicone Paint itself.)

We always suggest sealing Mineral Render with a high-performance External Paint. Mineral Render is our fastest drying render, making it perfect for use in cold climates, however, its ingredients mean that if it’s exposed to the elements for a significant period of time it can be susceptible to lime bloom. This is why it becomes necessary to apply Silicone Paint over the surface, to prevent water from passing through and causing the formation of lime bloom on the render beneath.

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What Colours are Available?

EWI Pro Silicone Paints are available in a multitude of different colours. Here at EWI Store we are able to colour match any RAL or NCS colour. This means we have a highly competitive range when compared to other external paint suppliers. We can match even the finest nuance of colour. Below are the colour options available online at ewistore.co.uk

If you are interested in EWI Pro Silicone Paints we have paper colour charts which we give out free of charge to help give you a visualisation of the colour, just bear in mind that these charts are not a 100% accurate representation which is why we recommend ordering a coloured sample pot before committing to that colour.


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