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The Benefits of Plastic Shims and Packers

Finally, a plastic shim that lasts! Broadfix shims are the latest addition to the EWI Store product catalogue. We’ve selected these shims because of how well they perform compared to other brands of plastic shims. But what are the benefits of plastic shims and packers?

In this blog, we will outline everything you need to know about plastic shims! Including the various types available at the EWI Store, the benefits of using them in your household and commercial projects, and why Broadfix shims outperform many brands on the market.

What are plastic shims?

Before we discuss the many advantages of plastic shims, it is worth exploring exactly what plastic shims are, and what they can be used for.

Shims are small construction materials that come in various shapes and sizes. They can be made from metal, wood, and plastic. Shims are thin, wedge-shaped pieces of material, used whenever a small adjustment is required to make two parts fit together properly. In construction, plastic shims might be used to make a door frame plumb (perfectly vertical) or a window sill level. They’re often used under or around a unit until it’s sitting straight and level. Shims are generally small and can be stacked together to reach the desired thickness.

Packers (sometimes called spacers) serve a similar function to shims, but they are more substantial and often used in more heavy-duty situations. They are typically rectangular or square, and they come in different thicknesses to provide an exact measurement. They’re used in situations like door and window installation, aligning cladding, or any other construction application where specific, consistent spacing is necessary.

Shims and packers are a really great way to make slight adjustments to projects, without having to start from scratch. This way, you can create perfectly even and level surfaces.

Plastic shims work well with screws and fixings, to create a strong, secure, and level surface. The Broadfix shims are compatible with many of our screws and fixings.

  • Broadfix Assorted Flat Shims 120
    Quick View

    Broadfix Assorted Flat Shims Packers (Pack of 120)

    £5.99 Excl. VAT
  • Broadfix Packers Tub 150
    Quick View

    Broadfix Assorted Shims Packers (Tub of 150)

    £14.40 Excl. VAT
  • Broadfix Assorted U Shim 200
    Quick View

    Broadfix Assorted U Shims Packers (Pack of 200)

    £12.05 Excl. VAT
  • Broadfix Assorted U Shims 300
    Quick View

    Broadfix Assorted U Shims Packers (Tub of 300)

    £17.05 Excl. VAT

The advantages of plastic shims

As we mentioned, shims can be made from wood, metal, and plastic. So why should you opt for plastic shims in your project? This section will discuss the many benefits that come with using plastic shims (especially Broadfix shims)!

Made from industrial-strength polypropylene

Perhaps the most appealing feature of plastic shims is that they are comprised of industrial-strength polypropylene. This is a high-grade plastic that is incredibly durable. This means that you can be assured that the surface you have used them in, will stay level for much longer than with other types of shims (especially wood).

Traditionally, shims were made from wood. While wood can be an effective material for some shimming/packing projects, they are not always great when it comes to bearing heavy weights. This is why plastic shims are a great option.

Different sizes and thicknesses

Another great benefit that comes with using plastic shims is that they are available in a variety of lengths, shapes, and thicknesses. This means they are highly customisable to suit your specific needs. They are also stackable, allowing you to pack spaces accurately.

This makes them an incredibly versatile product that you can use for many different purposes. Below are the types of shims available and what they can be used for:

U Shims these are horseshoe, or U-shaped plastic shims that can be used for levelling around screws. Broadfix U Shims come in various sizes and thicknesses, and you can purchase them in quantities of 60, 100, 200, and 300! The Broadfix U-shims feature a comb clip that ensures the fixing is securely attached and doesn’t slip.

Flat Shims – Flat shims are much like U shims, yet they are mostly used for fixing gaps like door frames and windows. Our range of Broadfix Flat shims is stackable and comes in various sizes and thicknesses! You can purchase them in quantities of 60, and 120 – or in our assorted tubs of 150!

  • Broadfix Assorted Flat Shims 120
    Quick View

    Broadfix Assorted Flat Shims Packers (Pack of 120)

    £5.99 Excl. VAT
  • Broadfix Assorted U Shim 200
    Quick View

    Broadfix Assorted U Shims Packers (Pack of 200)

    £12.05 Excl. VAT
Highly water-resistant

A common pain point with wood shims is that they can rot. Unlike wood shims, plastic shims are highly water resistant. So, a key benefit of plastic shims is that they will not rot.

Not only this, but they have anti-shrink and anti-swelling properties, which allow for a longer-lasting finish over time, with limited movement and increased structural stability!

Plastic vs metal

While both plastic and metal shims and packers have their uses in construction, there are several reasons why plastic versions can be a better choice for certain applications. Plastic shims and packers are electrically insulating, which can be a significant safety benefit in environments where there’s a risk of electrical current. Plastic shims and packers are usually lighter than their metal counterparts, making them easier to handle and transport. Despite being lightweight, they have high compressive strength, meaning they can withstand substantial loads. Plastic shims and packers are also less likely to scratch or damage surfaces compared to metal ones.

Have you tried Broadfix plastic shims?

We understand how frustrating it can be when shims snap over time. Many standard shims and packers simply cannot hold the weight of a heavy structure. The problem with this is that you will most certainly have to take time out of your day to replace them frequently.

If you find standard plastic shims to be brittle and prone to snapping, we recommend opting for a higher-strength plastic shim like Broadfix.

Broadfix specialises in high-performance, premium plastic shims and packers that can be used in a variety of household DIY and commercial projects. They use industrial-strength recycled plastics to create the most durable packing products.

Some unique features that Broadfix shims have include:

  • Stackable – allowing you to perfectly pack gaps.
  • Colour coded – for easy identification of sizes.
  • Load bearing – can withstand high-volume compressive loads.

Shop our entire Broadfix range here!


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