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What does it mean to be BBA-approved?

Did you know that, here at EWI Store, we stock a range of BBA-approved products? If so, then you know that we are guaranteed to offer high-quality, long-lasting and aesthetically pleasing solutions to cater to your render and external wall insulation needs. If not, you might be wondering: what does BBA-approved mean? Well, you’re in the right place; BBA approval is a huge deal, and that’s why we’re so proud to hold such and share what it means with you here!

What is BBA?

The British Board of Agrément (BBA) is a certification body within the construction industry that assesses the quality of a company’s products, services and systems through extensive research, auditing, inspection and testing. Throughout the industry, a BBA status is highly regarded by building control, government departments, architects, local authorities, specifiers and industry insurers like the NHB and used by manufacturers as a symbol of authority, validating that any product that gains BBA approval can be trusted. Here at EWI Store, we stock the entire EWI Pro range, many products of which have gained BBA approval.

How do you gain BBA approval?

The BBA testing process can take anywhere between several weeks to 18 months depending on the kinds and number of assessments that need to be taken. Nonetheless, once a manufacturer has been awarded their certificate, it doesn’t end there; the BBA requires that all manufacturers are reviewed and are subject to organised surveillance. To gain their BBA approval, EWI Pro’s render and external wall insulation products that comprise their most common external wall insulation systems – Mineral Wool and EPS – underwent rigorous laboratory tests, on-site evaluations, product inspections and quality management checks. As a result, EWI Pro has long gained marketplace acceptance with their BBA approval, which is why we are so proud to offer their products and be trusted by homeowners and installers.

While assessing EWI Pro products, the BBA checked for the following factors:

  • Durability

This includes performance after hygrothermal cycling and colour change measurements after UV exposure.

  • Energy efficiency and thermal performance

This includes thermal transmittance/U-value (guarded hot box) and thermal conductivity and resistance (heat flow metre).

  • Hygrothermal testing

This includes heat/rain and heat/cold cycling (ETAG 004 environmental chamber) and heat/spray and freeze/thaw cycling (MOAT 22).

  • Mechanical testing

This includes resistance to soft body impact, resistance to hard body impact, perforation test, resistance to pull through of fixings, flexural strength, compressive strength and bond strength.

  • Water penetration and water vapour permeability

This includes water vapour permeability and water absorption (capillarity).

  • Wind Loading

This includes wind uplift.

What does this mean for EWI Store?

As the leading UK render specialists who strive to offer the best possible choice of materials from trusted manufacturers and established brand names, the BBA approval on EWI Pro’s products validates that we only offer high-quality, long-lasting and aesthetically pleasing solutions for your next render project.

Our range of BBA-approved products

All the products that comprise a Mineral Wool and EPS external wall insulation system are BBA-approved. EWI Pro Mineral Wool and EPS external wall insulation systems consist of grey and white EPS insulation boards which mechanically fixed to the substrate wall with a supplementary adhesive, fibreglass reinforced basecoat and a render finish. After the boards have been secured to the wall with adhesive and the required number of mechanical fixings, the basecoat is applied using a trowel over the boards to the required thickness, followed by the reinforcing mesh which is fully embedded within the basecoat. After the basecoat has fully cured, a primer (depending on the finishing coat) is applied, followed by the render finish.

You can shop the full range of EWI Products in our store here.

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