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Tape Measure with Magnetic Hook


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  • Available in 5m(16ft) & 8m(26ft)
  • Extremely bend resistant
  • Rubber casing fits perfectly in the hand and can be attached to a belt
  • Double-sided hook with two powerful magnets

High – quality tape measure available in two lengths; 5m(16ft) & 8m(26ft), both with a blade width of 25mm. Additionally, the measuring tape is extremely bend-resistant, measuring 2.4 meters easily without being distorted.

There is a high-strength magnet to support long-distance measurements, which would be impossible with a standard tape measure.

Casing Features

The rubber casing fits perfectly in your hand and can be attached to a belt using a removable heavy-duty clip. Also, the tape measure also comes with a strong plastic lanyard allowing you to fasten and hang the case on any hanging surface or around your wrist.

In addition, the case also has resistance to high and low temperatures. Due to the rubber case, the chances of chips and cracks are minimal.

Product Features

  • Versatile-Thanks to the market leading Multi-fix Hook system, a double-sided hook with two powerful magnets, measurements can be made in different planes. The hook has a special hole for fastening to a screw.
  • Efficient-The 25mm Measuring tape is extremely bend-resistant. In a horizontal plane, a measuring length of 2.4 meters is easily achieved without distortion.
  • Practical-Our High strength magnet can support long-distance measurements.
  • Durable-The case is made of high-strength ABS plastic, which guarantees reliable tool protection. Resistant to high and low temperatures.
  • Ergonomic & Comfortable-The rubber casing fits perfectly in the hand and can be attached to the belt using a removable heavy-duty belt clip.
  • Unmatched Quality-The tape measure is equipped with an HPS spring, increasing the longevity and lifespan of both the tape, and the internal mechanism.
  • Reliable-Thanks to the use of 50# carbon steel, the Tapeblade will not rust or wear out over time.


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