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Regal & Barnes – Notched Trowel (Core Edition) – 6mm (280mm x 130mm)

£5.10 Excl. VAT£8.50 Excl. VAT

  • High quality
  • Anti-rust
  • Lightweight
  • Stainless steel
  • Ergonomic handle grip
  • 6mm x 6mm notches

This tool is for use with EWI-225 Premium Basecoat and EWI-220 EPS Basecoat.



Regal and Barnes Core Edition tools come with ergonomic plastic handles which provides users with a comfortable non-slip grip, preventing friction between the hand and tool which can lead to discomfort when plastering for long durations. Plastic grips offer a lightweight and economical option over other material options.

About Regal & Barnes Notched Trowel (Core Edition)

The Regal and Barnes Stainless steel trowels have been carefully designed around the needs of our clients, ensuring comfortable handling and durability. Regal and Barnes tools are designed to last. Our stainless steel trowels are manufactured from high quality pressed steel and have been designed for use with a range of materials including plasters, renders and cement.

The Regal and Barnes square notched trowel is used to ensure an even thickness is applied to the surface and are available in 4mm x 4mm, 6mm x 6mm, 8mm x 8mm, 10mm x 10mm.

The trowels can be used to apply a range of adhesives and cements to surfaces. The angle that you hold the trowel to the wall will affect the thickness of the adhesive so, for example, we recommend using the 10mm x 10mm notched trowel if you are looking to produce a 6mm thick layer of adhesive.

The Regal and Barnes Square Notched Steel Trowel is perfect for use when installing external solid wall insulation.

This tool is perfect for use with EWI Pro products including EWI-225 Premium Basecoat and EWI-220 EPS Basecoat.

Application of Regal & Barnes Notched Trowel (Core Edition)

  • Apply the adhesive to a small area of the substrate.
  • To do this, scoop up the adhesive using the narrow edge of the Notched Trowel.
  • Drop it onto the wall and use the flat surface to spread it out.
  • Use the Square Notched Trowel’s notched side to comb the wall area until the notches are at their full depth. This will ensure you have the correct amount of adhesive on the wall.
  • Wipe the Square Notched Trowel clean in between to ensure you are applying the correct amount.
  • Lightly smooth the adhesive using the flat edge of a Long Trowel.
  • Always ensure that you clean the Square Notched Trowel after each use, and store it in a safe, dry place.



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