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AquaGuard work Gloves

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  • Trustworthy defence against liquids.
  • Exceptional grip in wet and dry conditions.
  • Ideal for extended wear without discomfort.
  • Secure fit, keeping hands fully protected.

AquaGuard work Gloves

Our AquaGuard work Gloves are engineered to provide exceptional liquid protection, superior grip in both wet and dry conditions, and additional protection for challenging work environments. These gloves are designed to deliver unbeatable performance, comfort, and durability across a wide range of tasks.

Key Features:

1. Maximum Liquid Protection:

  • These gloves are your trusted solution for safeguarding your hands against liquids, making them perfect for a variety of industries and applications.

2. Latex Foam Coating:

  • The latex foam coating offers exceptional grip, ensuring your hands maintain precise control even when working in wet and dry conditions.

3. Size 10:

  • Available in size 10, providing a comfortable fit for most hand sizes.

4. Lightweight and Comfortable:

  • Our AquaGuard work Gloves are crafted to be lightweight and comfortable, allowing you to wear them for extended periods without discomfort.

5. Elasticated Cuffs:

  • Elasticated cuffs ensure a secure fit, preventing debris from entering the gloves and ensuring that your hands remain fully protected.


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