Looking for a quality scratch render at a decent price? Try our EWI-090 Monocouche Scratch Render, available now! The scratch render is applied to a thickness of 18mm and then scratched back to 16mm, providing a fantastic finish.

Scratch Render available in a choice of 18 colours

Our new scratch render is available in 18 different colours and the fully cured render is weather resistant, yet provides excellent water vapour permeability, allowing treated walls to ‘breathe’.

The best news is that our scratch render is more affordable than other monocouche renders available on the market at the minute, including K-rend’s. We also don’t have minimum order quantities – if you want 2 bags of scratch render than we can do this for you. We think it is very important that our installers can get what they need onsite as soon as possible. We appreciate that having 600 bags is not realistic for most people from both a cash flow and physical space perspective!

Our Scratch Render is easy to apply

Our scratch render is normally applied in two coats (although it can be done in a single coat). The first coat is 8-10mm thick and a fibreglass mesh is sunk within this layer, providing flexibility and strength to the system. Once this layer has gone off but not completely cured, the second layer is applied taking the total thickness of render to 18mm. Again, once this top coat of render has gone off, the top 2mm are scratched back using our render scratching float to provide the finish.

Our scratch render comes as a dry mix in 25kg bags, so water needs to be added prior to it being applied. The scratch render is also polymer-modified, which means the two coats of render will not only adhere mechanically, but also chemically.

EWI Pro Monocouche Scratch Render (monocouche simply means one-coat in French!) can also be applied by machine. And as one of our installers recently commented, ‘it goes on bloody well!’ So, if you are doing larger jobs, the render is perfect for you, since it can be applied easily by any suitable spray machine.

In terms of coverage, each bag of our scratch render will cover approximately 1m2 when applied at 18mm thick.

Great Price on Scratch Render!

As mentioned our EWI Pro scratch render is very affordable too – so give it a try!

If you would like to learn more about our Monocouche Scratch Render, have a query about our training or any other requirement related to insulation and render systems, then please get in touch by calling us on 0203 3974067 or emailing us at info@ewistore.co.uk.