Coloured Render Selector

Try our new coloured render tool!

Our new online colour render tool is a great way to get a feel for how your finished job will look.

We know picking the colour of your house from squares on a chart is pretty difficult. There are hundreds of colours in our catalogue, and it can be hard to imagine what they might look like on your home. Our new tool allows you to visualise the finished result. Simply choose the type of house you have, then select a colour to see what it looks like.

Our render is guaranteed to last for a minimum of 25 years without cracking or fading, so it’s worth picking a colour you’re going to be happy with!

All our renders can be tinted to create any shade

All our renders are through-coloured render, except our mineral render. This means the renders are premixed in our state-of-the-art mixing facilities here in the UK. If you are using mineral render, the render comes as a white dry mix which needs to be mixed with water before application.

Once applied to the wall and left to set, a silicone paint is painted over the mineral render, thus protecting and colouring the façade.

Order before 12pm for next day delivery!

All our colour renders are mixed here in the UK in one of our local warehouses. This means colour render can be delivered to site the very next day.