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Tape measure 5m (16ft) & 8m(26ft)

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  • Lock slide-button
  • Lightweight, non-slip rubberised outer cover
  • Soft blade closure
  • Easy-to-read
  • Available in 5m (16ft) & 8m(26ft)

The Tough Master tape measure is available in 5m (16ft) & 8m(26ft), this measuring tape comes in a durable composite case, with rubberised impact-resistant outer cover and a strong steel blade with a rust-proof hook.

You can easily transport the tape measure with its light weight, non-slip rubberised outer cover and wrist strap; the slide-button lock allows for one-handed operation. Easy-to-read metric / imperial blade markings allow for accurate measurements and easy conversions. The measuring tape has a handy 5m(16)/8m(26ft) blade length, it’s perfect for a wide variety of jobs, and the blade’s soft closure helps prevent injury.

Product Features

  • Durable: The durable composite case has a rubberised impact-resistant outer cover, while the strong steel blade guarantees years of reliable use.
  • Ergonomic: Its lightweight and grippy rubberised outer cover makes it easy to hold and the slide-button lock allows for one-handed operation.
  • Safety feature: The blade-retraction mechanism has soft blade closure to help prevent injury.
  • Versatility: Clear metric/imperial blade markings make measuring and conversions easy.



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