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Render Accelerator (EWI-020) – 100ml

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Why use Render Accelerator?

EWI-020 Render Accelerator is a liquid additive used to reduce the drying time of our Silicone Silicate, Silicone and Acrylic renders.

It accelerates the curing time of the coloured-through textured renders, enabling the faster completion of jobs.

Can cut render drying time in half.


SKU: EWI-020

EWI-020 Render Accelerator

EWI-020 Render accelerator is a high quality solution that can be used to accelerate the curing process. If you live in a colder climate, where the drying process takes a long time, this product is a worthwhile investment. It allows installers to continue to install thin-coat render systems throughout the winter months. EWI-020 works to speed up this curing process, allowing for faster job completion rate.

This product is suitable for colour-through textured renders and has no negative effect on their appearance.

Render Accelerator Application

Before applying the EWI-020, it is important to take appropriate Health & Safety measures. EWI-020 should be poured into a bucket of our render. Thorough mixing with a plaster mixer is needed to reach a good, workable consistency. A typical mix of the EWI-020 is 100mm for every 25Kg bucket of render. It is recommended to follow manufacturer’s instructions for working conditions and restrictions.


1 review for Render Accelerator (EWI-020) – 100ml

  1. Rated 4 out of 5


    Expensive but helped our Silicone render go off in cold November. Worth it.

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