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Why We Train Our Sales Team on How to Install EWI

At EWI Store, giving great technical advice and having a thorough understanding of our products is an essential component of what we do. We never want to sell you something you don’t need, so we provide our sales staff with comprehensive training all about the products and installation of the systems so that you are always in safe hands.

Technical Guidance

Having a technical understanding of how to actually install the materials is an essential skill for our sales staff. We take hundreds of calls every day from installers looking to either make a purchase or enquire about the best methods of installation for various materials.

Training Facilities

Every new member of staff is taken through our complete training course. This includes the theoretical side of learning, as well as the practical side of using the materials themselves to follow the steps of installation.

Thorough Understanding of the Materials

When installing external wall insulation it’s essential to get the materials right – and it’s not just the installers who need to be experts! All installers will know that using the wrong materials can cause a very negative result, so it’s imperative for us to provide you with the right materials for the right circumstances.

Quality Materials and Quality Service

If you’re looking for a company who not only stock the best materials, but are also able to tell you exactly how to use them, then you’ve come to the right place! If you hit a snag during your project, we’re more than happy to help – so give us a call!


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