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Applying a coat of render to the outside of a property is a fantastic way of giving it a facelift, especially if the existing exterior is in poor condition.

The days of simple sand and cement render are numbered however, since they unfortunately simply don’t stand the test of time. While it looks nice when this type of render is initially applied, very quickly cracks will appear.

The reason is that it has no flexibility

Over the course of the year a property faces a huge variation in temperature – at the peak of summer the external air temperature might be in excess of 30 degrees while during the cold winter months the temperature might drop to below zero. While the house and the mortar (full of lime) can adapt to these changes in temperature, the sand and cement render can’t. What happens is that it will start to crack – leading to a pretty big issue – damp!

A huge amount of water hits a wall during a year and this will travel down to these hairline cracks. The water then gets pulled in through capillary action sometimes right through to the internal wall where damp patches appear. Even so, water travelling behind the render and the external wall will very quickly cause complete failure of the render system.

So you have a property and want to get a new coat of render – what do you do?

Use EWI Pro flexible renders for the best render finish

Our EWI Pro silicone silicate render, mineral render and acrylic renders are all specifically designed to combat this cracking issue – they are flexible (as well as being aesthetically pleasing and hydrophobic) so will move with the building – so no cracks!

Available in thousands of colours, our collection of renders are the perfect solution for modern rendering providing an extremely long last protective layer to the external walls of a property ensuring it really does stand the test of time. Couple this with the flexible underlying reinforcement layer (EWI-220 Adhesive + EWI640 Reinforcement Mesh) and you have the perfect system that is easy to work with and gives unbeatable performance.

Fresh render vs tired render

All the EWI Pro renders we offer have gone through the BBA accreditation – this is the most recognised building certification scheme in Europe illustrating the extremely high quality of the EWI Pro renders.

At EWI Store we are extremely proud to be able offer EWI Pro at unbeatable prices, so before you complete your next rendering jobs please do consider the EWI pro system. We also offer training in conjunction with EWI Pro at fantastic rates for those looking to familiarise themselves with the EWI Pro family of products as well as more advances courses for those looking to take things a bit further.