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Where Can I Buy a Render Colour Chart?

We have recently made some improvements to our colour charts, which means new coloured render names to match our exciting and ever expanding range of render colours!

Our render colour charts are the perfect accessory to carry with you from job to job, allowing your customers to quickly and easily make a decision.

Alternatively, if you are a homeowner looking to install a coloured render system on your property, then our coloured render colour chart is the best tool for your decision-making process!

Why should I use a Render Colour Chart?

You can see from the coloured render pages on our website that we have laid out an online colour chart. These pictures are as accurate as possible, but they won’t allow you to see how the render looks in real life. Our online colour chart pictures can also vary from monitor to monitor, depending on your settings or where your computer screen is situated.

That’s why we always advise that it’s best to choose your coloured render after you have taken a good look at it in real life using our colour chart!

Another thing that you cannot see online is the difference in the grain sizes. Our render colour chart offers you the chance to be able to see what the different grain sizes look like up close, so you can make an informed choice and won’t be disappointed in your decision.

If you are an approved installer, then having a coloured render colour chart on hand is extremely useful.You can very clearly demonstrate what’s on offer and the decision making process is that much quicker and easier, so you can get cracking on the project as soon as possible.

How much are the Render Colour Charts?

For our Approved installers, we offer your first coloured render chart free!

For general purchase our colour charts are £24.99, but once you’ve made your decision if you return them back to us in their proper condition we can offer you a full refund.

How do the Colour Charts Work?

Our colour chart outlines the colours with the corresponding colour code. This means that you can make your decision and use the code to find the colour online, or you can place your order over the phone and tell us the colour code directly. We don’t list the colour names on the colour chart, because the names may change but the codes will always stay the same!

What do I do after using the Colour Chart?

After you’ve taken a look at the colour chart and made your decision, we want you to be really sure – so make sure that before you go ahead with buying in bulk the materials, you order yourself a coloured render tester pot! You can read more about our tester pots and why they’re important by clicking here.

For further information about our different coloured renders and what properties they can offer, check out the following blog posts:

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Stay tuned for more content and advice about our coloured render! We upload a new blog post every Tuesday and Thursday, so keep in touch and leave a comment down below if you have any queries.


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