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We offer several different types of render (including mineral, acrylic and Silicone Silicate) and they all look pretty similiar up close. however, each render is available in different grain sizes – 1mm, 1.5mm, 2mm and even 3mm (Silicone Silicate render). We often get asked what the render looks like, so we got the camera out and took some photos of the different grain sizes.

The pictures were taken 30cm away from the render, so obviously the further you get away from the wall the smoother the top-coat looks, but hopefully this gives you some idea of what you will achieve. It is also worth mentioning that all of the renders we sell at EWI Store are available in hundreds of different colours. You can pick you favourite colour by clicking on the link below:

>>> See our render colour charts <<<

Without further ado – please take a look at the different top-coat finishes:

Silicone Silicate – 1.0mm

1mm Silcone Silicate Render up close

Silicone Silicate – 1.5mm

1.5mm Silcone Silicate Render up close

Silicone Silicate – 2.0mm

2mm Silcone Silicate Render up close