Is EWI a Fire Hazard? 

The EWI Pro external wall insulation is BBA approved, which means that it is completely safe. If you’re installing EPS boards, they will not burn once they are encased within a cement render, and our Mineral Wool boards are rated as Euroclass A1 non-combustible. 

The system will need to be installed by a qualified installer to make sure that all elements are correctly catered to (i.e. Mineral Wool should be installed around flues and chimney breasts). 

Is External Wall Insulation Unattractive?

External wall insulation boards are professionally decorated using a thin coat render. This provides a waterproof surface to protect the system against the effects of the weather and provide a decorative finish. The renders come in a variety of grain sizes to achieve different textured effects; our most popular is a 1.5mm grain size as this creates a fairly smooth finish.

Our thin coat renders can be tinted to create any shade, so if you’re looking for something very specific then we can arrange it!

Does External Wall Insulation Cause Algae?

If you live in an area where there is a high risk of exposure to organic growth, then we really recommend the use of our Premium Bio Silicone Render. This product actively tackles any signs of vegetation that occur on the surface of the render and it is completely hydrophobic, so water will roll straight off without leaving dirty streaks.

Will External Wall Insulation Cause Mould? 

The insulation boards used for EWI are designed to keep your walls nice and warm. This means that they are more likely to be dry and therefore mould is less likely to grow (mould occurs in damp, dark environments). 

Is it Hard to get Planning Permission for EWI?

External wall cladding is considered to be ‘permitted development’ on the grounds that the new cladding will be similar in appearance to the existing structure. Check out our dedicated post ‘do I need planning permission for EWI’ for a list of instances in which you will need planning permission.

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