Brick Slips Cater to Every Taste

It often comes as a surprise to customers that our render finishes aren’t the only finish that we offer here at EWI store. We offer brick slips in a wide range of different colours, including:

With external wall insulation, you cannot use actual bricks due to the fact that the system wouldn’t withstand the weight. Brick slips are therefore fantastic if you need to recreate the original look of your property. This could be the case for many people who are installing EWI somewhere where it is required that you maintain the character of the property or even if you would just rather have a brick finish rather than a render finish.

The great thing about them is that they can really improve the look of the property, especially if the original brickwork is looking a bit tired and worn – the brick slips offer a total face lift, and with the added benefits of EWI thrown in it’s a bit of a no brainer.

Brick slips are fantastic because they are so realistic looking, but they are also completely flexible, weatherproof and UV resistant (so the colour won’t fade over time!). The EWI acrylic brick slips are almost completely mineral based, made from a mixture of assorted quartz sands and a binding agent.

Rather than being made of the traditional mortar, our brick slips offer vapour permeability, making them perfect for use as part of an EWI system. They are also impact resistant and are easily washable, so very easy to maintain.

How are Brick Slips Installed?

Our brick slips are really simple to install. We offer our special adhesive which comes in five different colours and is designed specifically for use with the brick slips to create a long lasting, reliable bond between the brick slips and the substrate.

When installing brick slips on top of an external wall insulation system, you would first install the basecoat and mesh on top of the insulation boards. The brick slips are then applied on top of this; you must use a notched trowel to apply the special brick slip adhesive to an area of the substrate (approximately 1m2). You then apply the brick slips to the adhesive, forming a standard brick pattern by staggering the bricks and leaving a space of around 10mm between each brick vertically and horizontally, which will give a really realistic effect. You can very easily bend the brick slips around corners because of their flexibility, or you can cut them to the desired shape.

Brick Slips can be used Internally  

We recently had a really enthusiastic customer who wanted to purchase brick slips to go around the chimney breast inside her living room. It’s great to see creative home design, and because of the fact that we offer brick slips in both white and black you could really easily achieve a chic and modern look inside your property.

We think that installing our brick slips is super easy and can definitely be done internally as a DIY job for your chimney breast, your kitchen splash back or even as a statement wall. They would also look great in apartment block entryways.

Where can I buy Brick Slips?

You can buy flexible and durable brick slips via EWI Store! We offer a wide range of finishes, including brick slip corners.

If you have any further questions regarding our brick slip finishes, comment down below or contact our sales team! 

Looking for more inspiration on how to make your property look great on the outside? Check out our blog on render design features for some great ideas.

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