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Welcome to our new site – the home of everything to do with solid wall insulation!

At EWI Store we sell award winning solid wall insulation products, all BBA-approved so you can rest assured you are getting the best on the market.

So aside from a new lick of paint, what else is new at EWI Store?

We have a new improved materials calculator – if you haven’t tried it, then you should. It is the perfect way to get the right quantities and proportions of materials. If you are new to solid wall insulation, or EWI Pro specifically, then our tool will ensure you order just right. We have also included our new colour chart in the latest iteration to allow you to see a little more accurately what your property may look like once the insulation is installed.

While we are talking about the colour chart, we now offer a standalone colour chart tool to allow you to quick and easily pick the colour you want. We have cut down the number of stock colours we offer, instead we are focusing just on the most popular renders we have sold over the last 3 years. The reason for this is pretty simple: too much choice seems to be a bad thing!

Happy render, happy customers…

Installers are telling us that providing customers with so much choice just delays decisions. Choosing between 3 near-identical grey colours appears to take some weeks it seems and therefore we have reduced the choice to help speed things up a little! We also have a new pricing system for our colours. The white colour has no additional charge, off whites (known as Tier 1 colours) are £4 per bucket, Tier 2 colours are £12 per bucket (these tend to be slightly darker colours) and Tier 3 (really vibrant/dark colours) are £20 per bucket. Obviously if you are a trade customer, trade discounts apply. If you desperately need a colour not included on our minimised colour chart then we can obviously make these; however additional charges may apply!

We are also delighted to now offer verge trims. These are the aluminium bits that go on the top of the solid wall insulation system; they are used to help prevent water ingress down the back of the system. These are all made in the UK and although we have standard profiles, these can be adjusted if required to suit the needs of the installer.

The good news is that despite the new shiny website, it is business as usual here at EWI Store, so if you need a great value solid wall insulation system with unparalleled support (and free training!) then get in touch. You might even want to give our EWI materials a calculator a try to get started….

Go on – give it a try!