We now sell brick slips!

If you want all the advantages of external wall insulation and an authentic brick look, brick slips are for you!

The final stage in the EWI solid wall insulation system is a render, which can be a variety of textures and colours. The standard finish is a smooth, flat-coloured render, but if you want to insulate your property externally without losing the character of original brickwork, you could have brick slips installed. Brick slips are the last stage, following the insulation, adhesive, mesh and primer. Because they’re an optional extra, they’re a bit more expensive, but it’s forking out the difference if it’s the finish you’d prefer. After all, the EWI system is guaranteed for a minimum of 25 years!

What are brick slips?

These are thin acrylic tiles that look like brick, applied to the wall one by one. They are available in a variety of colours and can match any type of brick. The adhesive is designed to mimic pointing (the mortar between bricks) and is also available in several different colours.

They are lightweight and are therefore suitable for almost all walls. They require minimal maintenance. If brick slips are installed well, you won’t be able to tell they aren’t the real thing.

Can I install brick slips myself?

Yes! It’s easy to do. You simply attach them to the wall using adhesive, then paint the ‘mortar’ in between to give a realistic look.