Orange Fibreglass Mesh – Thin Coat Render

An integral component in both EWI and render systems, the orange mesh is ideal for embedding within the basecoat layer to improve the crack-resistance of the system. The mesh is cut into vertical strips and is embedded into the basecoat layer using the flat-edge of a trowel. Each strip will need to be overlapped by 10-15cm along all edges.

EWI Pro’s Orange Mesh is a strong and flexible 165g fibreglass reinforcing mesh. It works by increasing the overall tensile strength of the underlying basecoat so that any movements or fluctuations within the underlying substrate will not cause cracks. 

The fibreglass material that the mesh is made from is resistant to water, alkali and age damage, which means it’s the most long-lasting solution for crack-resistance. This particular mesh is designed for thin coat render systems as it has smaller holes within its structure. This is because, in thin coat render systems, the basecoat is applied in a thinner layer of around 6mm,  which means that less basecoat needs to be pulled through the holes of the mesh in order for it to sit within the middle of the basecoat layer. 

Blue Fibreglass Mesh – Thick Coat Render

The blue mesh that we stock is designed to be installed with thick coat renders. This can be anything from your traditional sand and cement to your monocouche renders. The blue mesh is more heavy-duty than orange and has larger holes to enable the user to pull more material through during the process of embedding it into the render. 

The blue mesh is also ideal for if you’re using EWI Pro’s lightweight basecoat, as this can be applied up to 25mm thick in one pass. Again, the mesh helps to ensure that the render topcoat remains intact and crack-free, ensuring a long-lasting finish.

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