Do you live in a pebbledash property? Bored of it looking tired and dated? Can’t afford to remove the pebbledash? Our One Coat Dash Cover (OCDC) is the perfect solution to cover up old pebbledash and give your property a modern look.

The One Coat Dash Cover has just arrived in stock, so we’re going to tell you all about it. It’s the cheapest, easiest, and safest way to get rid of the pebbledash look.

Rather than hacking off existing pebbledash, which is an expensive process and can damage the external walls of your property, the One Coat Dash Cover is simply applied on top to achieve a smooth, flat surface.

What is Pebbledash?

Pebbledash became popular in the 1920’s, when contractors were looking for ways to build houses as quickly and cheaply as possible. The pebbledash allowed them to hide poor quality brickwork, and unfortunately it’s not something that ages particularly well. Eventually, the pebbles drop off and the whole facade looks tired and dated.

The actual process of installing pebbledash is very easy – a sand and cement render is applied to the walls before pebbles are ‘dashed’ or thrown at the wall to achieve a rough texture and a hard-wearing finish.

How does OCDC work?

You may have just bought a pebbledash property, or your existing pebbledash may just be looking very tired and worn. Either way, OCDC provides a solution for you.

OCDC is applied directly on top of the existing pebbledash, and can then be painted or rendered with a thin coat render to completely transform and modernise the look of the property.

The One Coat Dash Cover can be applied up to 25mm thick in each pass, up to a maximum of 50mm thick. This is more than enough to cover over every type of pebbledash, and you can even embed Fibreglass Mesh within the OCDC for extra crack resistance.

The basecoat is highly breathable and will allow trapped moisture within the existing render to escape, preventing any issues with damp further down the line.

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