Buy EPS 70 from EWI Store today!

EWI Store supplies a huge range of EPS insulation (expanded polystyrene) offering unparalleled insulating properties.

EPS is a fantastic insulator

The EPS 70 (graphite) has a thermal conductivity of just 0.030watts per meter-kelvin (W/mk), making it one of the most cost effective insulating materials available on the market today – just 90mm of our EPS insulation will allow you to meet building regulations if the insulation is installed externally on the walls of a building.

Our lightweight EPS 70 has high compressive strength making it suitable for floors as well as in our solid wall insulation systems. Our EPS also has extremely good dimensional stability, with maximum bowing of just 5mm across the 1.2m length of the boards – the dimensional stability of our EPS is in part due to the ageing process that all our boards go through prior to cutting.

Buy EPS in any thickness!

We can also cut the insulation boards to any thickness (in 5mm increments) between 20mm and 250mm- although 20mm, 50mm, 70mm, 90mm and 100mm are kept in stock at EWI Store – so other thicknesses will be subject to minimum order quantities.

EPS is easy to use

For installers, EPS is rapidly becoming the insulation material of choice due to the fact it is so easy to work with. The EPS 70 come in 120mm x 600mm boards so are easy to maneuverer on site, but bigger 1200mm by 2400  boards are also available on special order. The EPS can then be cut into shape using a knife or for more accurate cutting we suggest an EPS hot wire cutter. This ensures straight cuts and also minimises mess on site. An additional advantage for installers of external wall systems is that EPS is so lightweight – so can quickly and easily be applied to the wall, and also the EPS doesn’t cause any skin irritation –  a bug bear of many an installer working within the insulation trade!

Lots of EPS in stock and ready to dispatch!

We keep a huge volume of EPS in our warehouses around the country, so if you want to buy EPS and ensure quick delivery there really is no competition!

Why Buy EPS from EWI Store

  • A fantastic insulating material – thermal conductivity of just 0.030 W/m-1k-1
  • Cost effective compared to other insulating materials (e.g. Rockwool, Cork and PIR board)
  • The boards are easy to cut on site, using either a saw or a hot wire cutter
  • We can offer EPS in huge range of thicknesses, making it suitable for any project
  • All our EPS is dimensionally stable – resulting in easier installs
  • Our EPS 70 is extremely stable – it will easily match the lifespan of the building.
  • The insulating performance of the EPS does not diminish with age.