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Retrofit Insulation Fixings and Swifix

One particular brand that we stock is Swifix, who produce a range of solutions which allow for the installation of fixings on external wall insulation systems. The fixings are made of high-quality plastic and are designed with the purpose of maintaining the thermal performance of the insulation system and avoiding thermal bridging, whilst also enhancing the system’s functionality.

The Swifix range of insulation fixings are tested by the BRE (British Research Establishment) and can safely hold items up to 100kg. To find out a little bit more about how they work, keep reading!

How do Swifix Insulation Fixings Work?

Swifix insulation fixings reduce the need for timber pattresses for refitting external items onto EWI systems. They provide high-quality, low thermal conductivity plastic outer casings for metal screws and fixings, securely sealing them within the plastic to prevent heat loss. They currently provide the cheapest solution on the market and are even suitable for DIY installation.

swifix single tube fitting

What is Thermal Bridging?

External wall insulation creates a thermal envelope which surrounds the entirety of the property. The aspect of ‘continuous insulation’ is really important and directly related to the performance of the EWI System; any gaps, bridges or interruptions within the insulation create what is known as a ‘cold spot’ or a ‘thermal bridge.’ This can occur where there are gaps between boards, or if items of a higher thermal conductivity penetrate the system – such as metal fixings.

The presence of thermal bridges means a significant heat loss and a huge reduction in the performance of the system. Because the surface temperature in these cold spots is much lower, the presence of damp can also start to occur as condensation forms on the colder surface.   

Swifix Fixings – Available at EWI Store!

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