EWI-63331 Bellcast Bead (2m)

There are lots of components involved when installing solid wall insulation or render systems. What we have done at EWI Store is to try and simply the process for our customers by offering a number of things that our competitors don’t!

1. Use our solid wall insulation calculator.

We have spent the last few months developing a calculator to help users calculate exactly what materials they need for a job. It means that if the size of the area to be rendered or insulated is known then we can automatically provide a shopping list of exactly what is required to do the solid wall insulation install.

The calculator considers the thickness and type of insulation, the adhesives required and even allows you to visualise the colour of the project.

We are very proud of it and you give it a try yourself by clicking external wall insulation materials calculator!

2. Minimising the number of components on site

One of the things we really like about the EWI Pro system aside from the quality of the components is that they have tried to simplify the install process for their installers.

Take for example the adhesives – for many manufacturers they recommend using different adhesives for attaching insulation boards to the wall and then the base coat layer. They have recognised that this can cause issues at the end of job having unused bags, but also the confusion of using the wrong adhesive at the wrong time.

The solution they have come up with is very simple – basically you can use one adhesive (EWI-220) for sticking EPS boards to the wall and then the same adhesive for the base coat layer. Likewise, for Mineral Wool boards they also have manufactured one adhesive that does the job (EWI-225). This means that once you have chosen the insulation material you are going to install on the house, you know that you only need to have one type of adhesive on site. This means no confusion of which to use where, but also it means you shouldn’t have bags left over at the end of the job (and if you do you can take them to the next job knowing you can use them!).

3. We sell all the components for the solid wall insulation/render job

We pride ourselves on the fact we sell all the materials required for the job, so you can complete it from start to finish. We sell everything from starter track up to the verge trim and everything in between. We know how annoying it is when you need to buy a few bits from one supplier and other bits from another.

We also offer all the tools and protective items to get the job done too, just one more reason to shop at EWI Store for you rendering and insulation materials!