Wkret-Met – Plastic Pin Hammer Fixing


  • Choice of 9 lengths
  • High strength 10mm diameter core
  • Hammer fix
  • Plastic fixing with plastic rod
  • Reduces thermal bridging

Plastic Pin Hammer Fixing

Plastic Pin Hammer Fixings comes in a choice of lengths, allowing them to be used on a variety of insulation thicknesses. The mechanical fixings are made from plastic, meaning that they reduce thermal bridging within the system. The plastic rods are hammered in.

The plastic core is 10mm in width which ensures that the fixings are strong and don’t snap when installed. The lengths of fixings available are:

  • 70mm (200 fixings per box)
  • 90mm (200 fixings per box)
  • 110mm (200 fixings per box)
  • 140mm (200 fixings per box)
  • 160mm (200 fixings per box)
  • 180mm (200 fixings per box)
  • 200mm (200 fixings per box)
  • 220mm (100 fixings per box)
  • 260mm (100 fixings per box)

Intended Uses

The plastic mechanical fixings are used to fix the insulation boards to the substrates. Being plastic, they reduce thermal bridging meaning that the system maintains its insulating qualities. Choose from one of the nine available lengths to fit any thickness of insulation.

We recommend that any fixing used is 40mm longer than the thickness of the insulation to ensure it is strongly anchored to the wall. For example, if you are using 100mm EPS, the minimum length of fixing we recommend is 140mm.

Weight 2 kg

70mm, 90mm, 110mm, 140mm, 160mm, 180mm, 200mm, 220mm, 260mm


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