Wellcut TCT Saw Blade


The Wellcut TCT Saw Blade is a premium, high quality blade ideal for use with a range of materials.

  • Fine cut
  • Premium saw blade
  • Ultra-thin, perfectly tensioned steel plates
  • Anti-kickback for smooth cutting
  • Convenient use with cordless machines

Wellcut TCT Saw Blade

TCT Saw Blade is a multi-use circular saw blade which is ideal for use with woods of various kinds, particle board, cement-bonded chipboard, hardboard, plasterboard and Wood Fibre Insulation. The blade teeth have tungsten carbide tips and the body has an electrophoresis cover which protects the disc from corrosion. This is an ergonomic, hard wearing blade for professional use.

  • Ideal for use on all kinds of wood
  • Industrial quality circular saw blade
  • High precision
  • Always use with appropriate materials
  • Do not exceed maximum rpm speed of the blade
  • Check that the saw blade is not damaged before use
  • Do not use if there are any cracks etc.
  • Always wear safety equipment when using the blade
  • Take care when handling the blade
Blade Size

160×2.2/1.6x20mm, 165×1.6/1.0x20mm


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