RAWLPLUG – KCX – Tubed Insulation Washer


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  • High-strength plastic
  • Length: 105mm
  • Long tube feature
  • Fastener cap to reduce thermal bridging

RAWLPLUG – KCX Tubed Insulation Washer

The Rawlplug KCX Tubed Insulation Washer is designed for fixing and securing your insulation material of choice to the wall. This reinforces the structural integrity and strength of the system. This product features a long tube design for a quick installation process and a fastener cap to reduce thermal bridging.


250 per box

KCX Tubed Insulation Washer Application

The Rawlplug KCX Tubes Insulation Washer is intended for use with External Insulation Composite Systems.

Suitable for use with:

  • Metal substrates (with either WB or WX screws).
  • Wood and timber (with UC screws).
  • Concrete.


  • High-strength plastic for a reliable holding.
  • Long tube feature allows you to fix thick insulation materials as can be used with short length screws.
  • Can be used with additional KWL plates.
  • Integral fastener cap reduces thermal bridging to 0,001 W/K.

Technical Specifications

  • Length: 105mm


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