TOL-215 Bucket 45L

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45L bucket, intended for mixing separate render batches together. Ideal for installers to have on-site during render and EWI installations.

45L Bucket

This 45L bucket is a basic essential for installers to have on-site. When it comes to coloured render, there can be minute colour discrepancies between buckets. When applying a thin coat coloured render, we always recommend mixing approximately three buckets of render into one large bucket so as to maintain a uniformity of colour. Be sure to keep topping up the bucket and mixing thoroughly so as to allow a seamless finish.

  • Can handle any liquid without fear of degradation
  • Easy to clean, maintain and keep hygienic
  • Robust and durable
  • Indoor and outdoor use
  • Easy to store
  • Tested and approved
  • Suitable for use with mechanical mixer
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