TOL-213 Mineral Wool Knife

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Why use a Mineral Wool Knife?

The TOL-213 is a basic necessity for installing Mineral Wool as part of an external wall insulation system. Creating a seamless finish, the Mineral Wool Knife is lightweight, easy to use and can get the job done quickly and efficiently.

About the Mineral Wool Knife

The TOL-213 is an essential item to have on-site when installing our Mineral Wool Insulation system. The Mineral Wool Knife aids the worker by allowing for the quick and efficient resizing and re-shaping of mineral wool insulation boards. It’s perfect for cutting the wool into shape to fit around windows and fittings and can also be used to shave the wool to create a flat surface.

Using the Mineral Wool Knife – The Basics

  • If you do not have an edge to cut, you can jab the knife into the material.
  • Because of its narrow blade and tough teeth, the Mineral Wool Knife can cut many materials!
  • Once the tip of the saw has pierced the material, simply push the knife through using a sawing motion.
  • If you do have an edge to cut, simply rest the blade against this edge and begin to saw.
  • Start of lightly and steadily increase pressure.
  • Aim to use around 3/4 of the Mineral Wool Knife.
  • Always pay attention to where you want the saw to go in order to achieve a straight cut.
  • Use consistent strokes for best results.
  • Store in a dry place and keep dry and clean in between uses.
  • Always keep the Mineral Wool Knife within a holster in between uses for safety purposes.
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